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Why Zodiacs Could Hinder Your Self-Development

How Zodiacs Could Hinder Your Self-Development

Why I love the Zodiacs

Before looking into how Zodiacs could hinder your self-development, I will explain to you why I love them and even use them for self-development.


Like many others, I love reading about my zodiac sign – I enjoy anything that creates a portal into my inner self.


Zodiacs are a fantastic way to make people think, open up, and get comfortable with talking about the inner world. This is what makes them perfect for self-development!


I am a Virgo – hard-working, practical, analytical, organized, smart, caring, o and let’s not forget defensive, critical, picky, and overthink everything.


Zodiacs are fantastic for contemplating some of the parts of us that we may find otherwise uncomfortable to talk about or even admit to ourselves. I know that I am a little defensive and critical at times – my zodiac isn’t wrong at all.


Zodiacs seem to be all around us at the moment. There was a time when you had to flick through the entire newspaper to find the tiny horoscope section at the end. Now you can download apps, read about them on social media, and watch YouTube videos dedicated to the zodiacs and their characteristics.


Many times I have been sitting with my friends and family watching a zodiac YouTube video. We think about each person and see if the descriptions match. Is their character like this? Do they act like that? Are they like their Zodiac sign? 


More often than not they do!


I have little knowledge of how astrology works or how many people’s characteristics actually match their given zodiac sign characteristics. 


What I do know is how easily it manages to get people to think about parts of themselves that they may not usually think about.


As I sat with my family we laughed about people being defensive, having a bit of a temper, shutting down when they get sad, doing some facebook stalking the second they meet people, talking all of the time, never making their mind up, and being a little possessive.


As we laughed and opened up about these things it got me thinking. In any other situation going up to somebody and telling them, they are X can be upsetting and even make people angry. 


On an ordinary day if someone came up and called someone hot-headed and possessive they might instantly put a wall up and get upset or angry by this.

How can Zodiacs hinder self-development?

So how do Zodiacs so easily get us accepting all these things about ourselves?


It was a little while later I heard somebody say “it isn’t my fault I am an Aries” and then it clicked. 


Zodiacs do open us up and allow us to look at the parts of us we may not otherwise, but they do it in a way that takes the blame away from us.


If people are able to say to themselves “it is okay that I am defensive because I am a Virgo” then the blame has been taken from them and onto their Zodiac – it wasn’t their fault they were born during that Zodiac season.


Now, depending on how far people take this it can be a little dangerous. This doesn’t mean everyone will allow their Zodiac to take the blame for them but what if people do and what if we do sometimes?


The Zodiacs could even hinder your self-development!


I love the Zodiacs because they allow you to see the parts of yourself you may want to focus on developing, the good and the bad. 


They allow us to see the parts of other people that we can learn from, the parts of their characteristics that we can use to help us with self-development the parts of us that we can offer to help them with their self-development.


But, if we just say o well I am this way and it isn’t my fault it’s my Zodiacs fault, the responsibility is gone. 


The desire to control or develop this aspect of yourself could disappear.


For example, the more we tell people it’s fine to have an angry streak because you’re an Aries the more likely they may be to separate themselves from their actions and blame their reactions on the Zodiac sign characteristic they have been labelled with.


It isn’t just for the traits seen as “negative”. What if there is something you love about yourself also happens to be a characteristic of your Zodiac sign.


It could be something you have never really acknowledged about yourself but you think is accurate but it could also be something you have worked on and spent hours of self-development focusing on. 


If someone then goes on to say “o well you are only that way because you are a Capricorn”, it somewhat diminishes all your hard-work.


We need to recognize the individual behind the actions. 


If we are not careful the Zodiacs could hinder your self-development by taking the responsibility for development away from you and taking some of the praise of your self-development away from you.

My guide to working WITH the Zodiacs:

1. Learn about all of the zodiac signs

Instead of only reading about your own Zodiac sign it can be hugely beneficial to read about the others as well. Whilst it is fun to try and match them up to the people you know it is also great for self-development. Use the characteristics as little doorways to look within and see if any of these traits match your characteristics. 


Looking at the other zodiacs is a great way to get a better understanding of people in general. It can help you to see why people may act differently to you and it can help you to see things from a different perspective. 


2. Celebrate both the “good” and the “bad”

Everywhere online you can see the “good” characteristics and the “bad”, the “best” and the “worst”. It is important not to repress or reject any part of you. Zodiacs are a great way to get us talking about these “negative” aspects but they can also label them as something bad.


Within Zodiacs, you will often see that the “positive” aspects become the “negative” aspects when they are taken to the extreme. When working on yourself remember to work with all of your characteristics and not to turn your back on them.


3. What characteristics of yourself could help others

We all have the free will to experience life and express ourselves in a way that aligns with us at that time. So, whilst it is best not to force your development onto others you can always offer your support. If there is a characteristic about yourself that you love and you think is strong there is no harm in developing this further and offering support for others.


4. What characteristics of others could help you

None of us are perfect, we are as we are meant to be in this time. If you are on a path of self-development then you are more than likely looking for ways to mold your characteristics in a way that you believe will better your experience. Taking a look at other people Zodiac signs is a great way to see the strengths in others and look for characteristics that you may aspire towards.


5. Know that these things are not fixed characteristics

Neuroplasticity is a huge topic within science and the flexibility of the brain is something that is openly talked about. This is great as it means we are not stuck in a particular way. With practice, training, development, and studying we can increase our skills, change our habits, assess our thinking patterns, and even work on our characteristics.


6. You are always responsible for your own experience, actions, and reactions

Most importantly we should all be taking responsibility for our own experience, actions, and reactions. They may be different from other peoples and that is fine. 


Being labeled as a Zodiac sign does not mean you have to act in a particular way, and it is never an excuse to act or react in a certain way. 

If there is something you feel you should be working on then do it and if there is something you have worked hard on, take the credit for it!

Comment down below and let me know what you think about using the Zodiacs for self-development. Do you think they take some of the blame away from us?


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