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What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga is the ability to joyfully involve yourself in any activity with 100% effort and the ability to not become attached. If you manage to do this only karma will come.

Karma yoga can be used to bring balance in a person. We involve ourselves in many activities every day and it is tough these activities that we become entangled in life. If the activity itself becomes a process of liberation rather than entanglement it is karma yoga.

Karma yoga can be applied to everything you do. The nature of the activity is not important, it could be going to work, walking down the street or simply talking to someone. When we perform actions selflessly and only because they are needed it can bring us fulfilment and freedom. When we are able to act without being attached our actions can be liberating and this can lead to a union with the Self, which is the goal of yoga.


Many describe Karma yoga as a service but not all see it this way. It can instead be viewed as a way of undoing the impressions that you have gathered. We should not always see everything as a service but rather as our growth, we can do what is needed without worrying about the end fulfilment.

By having full involvement and doing something that does not mean anything to you with total involvement is what breaks the Karmic structure. Look at it this way if you are going through your day crawling through your work, that is karma. If you are dancing through your work, that is karma yoga.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas about Karma Yoga.


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