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What Are Spiritual Psychic Chills?

For as long as I can remember I have been getting these chills. As you might expect they feel just the same as the chills i feel when I am cold. I get a shudder and shiver that starts in my lower back and goes right up to my head, often making me move a little and get goosebumps. 

The only difference is I am not cold. I have noticed that I shiver like this anytime I am practising spiritual activities. So I decided to do some research to see if anyone else experiences this.

To begin with I tried to reach out to people on Reddit by simply asking if anyone else gets this sensation during spiritual practice, and this is the response I found:

There is a lot to unpack here. Everyone gave very insightful replies. I was glad to hear that I am not the only one experiencing this.

Whilst I do not get the sensation that I need to cry I do however relate to a feeling that someone is there by my shoulder. I have considered the possibility that this is the raising of vibrations and I believe this could be a very reasonable explanation.

 Looking at the final comment I would agree that mine have always felt ‘good’. I do consider myself to be an empathetic person and maybe this does play a role. Similarly I have experienced this during meditation, tarot readings, cleansing, healing and deep philosophical thought.

Is it a Kundalini Experience?


So it was suggested that this may be a Kundalini experience. Kundalini in Hinduism refers to a form of primal energy which is said to be located at the base of the spine by the Root Chakra. This energy is thought to be feminine, creative, wise and infinite. It is described as a snake that it subtle and coiled around in slumber, where it lies dormant at the base of our spines until it is awoken.

 A Kundalini experience or awakening is the feeling of electric current running along the spine. It is said that this can occur in deep meditation and results in feelings of enlightenment and bliss. I know what you are thinking this matches all of our experiences. It is said that this experience can also occur during yoga practices, Pranayama breathing, Asana and chanting mantras. 

The point of this is to let go of out egos and surrender ourselves to the universal energies, feel our subtle bodies and know that we are on the right path and journey. 

In my own experiences i feel that this is a likely option but it does not happen all of the time. I find it particularly strange that it has happened to me in all of my spiritual practices except yoga. Whilst I am very open to this idea I still wanted to find out more and see there were nay other ideas out there. 



Are they messages from Angels or Guides?


With some more research I came across others using the terms psychic and spiritual chills. There instances of chills when they are not associated with feeling the cold or being ill are thought of as messages from your Angels and Guides. It may be that we need to pay close attention to out surroundings when we receive these chills. 

So it is said that these chills can be a warning or confirmation from your Angels and Guides: 

As a warning – Your chills may be a sign of a warning if you are receiving them when you walk into a room that doesn’t feel quiet right, if something seems off and if you get a bad vibe. This could also be if you are practising something spiritually and your energies feel off centre or uncomfortable. If this is the case the Angels and Guides might be warning you that this place you are practising in is not safe and you should not continue. 

As Confirmation – Your chills may be a sign that you are on the right path. The Angels are here to support us and a shiver is thought to also be a sign that we are doing the right thing. When making a decision we may walk into somewhere or think of something and get an instant shiver. This can be a sign from the Angels and Guides that that is the correct decision. All we need to do is listen to it. 


I do believe that we do not get these random shivers for nothing. They are definitely something we should be paying attention to and trying to understand more. Whether this is my own subtle energies or a message from a higher realm. I know that they have felt positive in my experiences but I would also try to be very aware and pick up on them if they occurred and did not feel positive.

As this has occurred during a lot of my practices and studies I am almost certain that it is connected to things that resonate with what I believe to be true on a higher level. I have had this experience a lot when studying philosophy and it is as though everything just fits into place. So maybe it is a sign of confirmation. from our own intuition.

Going forward I think that we all need to be aware of how we feel, our surroundings during these experiences and what action needs to be taken. Maybe you need to go to that place, say something, heal and help someone or stop doing what ever you are doing and remove yourself from that location. For me the most important thing is being in tune enough to pick up on these feelings and then observe the situation they are occurring in.

I would love to hear about some of your experiences in the comments below 🙂 

The more we find out about this the more we can all grow and discover.


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