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Virgo: Traits Dates Relationships And Careers

Virgo Overview

Where to begin with Virgos. Individuals with their Sun Sign in Virgo are down to earth, fun go-getters. Virgos can be very quiet and reserved as they analyze all of their surroundings, but they also have a really wild side that does come out and is a really down to earth carefree side.  Virgos are analytical, critical and practical. They really love planning, sticking to timetables and achieving goals. These individuals love helping others and being practical about it.

An independent one man army that is ready to take on the world.

Virgo Fact Sheet


23rd August – 22nd September
The Virgin Maiden
Orange, White, Grey,Yellow
Topaz, Jade, Amazonite, Howlite, Carnelian, Jasper

How to spot a Virgo

  • They are very practical.
  • Virgos can be very charming individuals.
  • They are smarter than you think.
  • They are always busy with lots of hobbies and interests.
  • Virgos can be a little defensive.
  • They are always organized.
  • They love to learn, teach and help others!
  • Virgos like to keep busy.

Virgo Top Qualities

Independent, hard-working, and optimistic.

Virgo individuals are very independent, they get things done efficiently and fast all the time they are left alone to get on with it. They do get on well with others but they like to get things done efficiently. 
Virgos are hardworking and determined. They are one of the hardest working of the Zodiacs and this is because they find comfort in the control that work gives them. These individuals will often get things done in silence, they won’t shout about it but they will accomplish things and be very humble about it.
Virgos are very optimistic, they are super positive and try to find the best in all situations. Virgos are really great people to have around when the mood is low, they are able to uplift a situation and look for the positive.

Analytical, organised, and aim high.

Super analysts looking at every little detail in all situations. Virgos notice everything, they may not mention it but they notice and remember the fine detail. This fine attention to detail makes Virgos great at making plans and buying thoughtful gifts for others.

Virgos love organization and making plans. These individuals make lists, timetables, and plans. They appreciate timekeeping and love ticking of goals and lists. These individuals make great travel companions, party planners, and organizers.

Virgos are one of the most independent signs in the Zodiac. These people get things done and they are happy to do things alone. Virgos don’t even think about asking others to join them on their errands, they are happy to go and get them done alone and often believe that others won’t want to waste time joining them. Virgos are not afraid to go out and eat alone, explore alone or go to the cinema alone. They value their own time and can be a little confused when other people are unable to do such things. 

These people are real go-getters they will aim for the stars. These individuals really want to do their best in everything they do. They are often very smart and able to think deeply and view situations from many perspectives. 

Capricorn Fact Sheet




23dr Sept – 22nd Oct
The Virgin Maiden
Orange, White, Grey, Yellow
Topaz, Jade, Amazonite, Howlite, Carnelian, Jasper

Virgo Traits

Things Virgos Should Watch Out For

Critical, clean, and hate disappointment.

Virgos are super critical. They are critical about themselves and others and this can often come across as being mean and lacking empathy. Virgos are their own biggest critics, they give themselves a very tough time and this links in with their need for everything to be perfect and their need to do everything the best they possibly can. Virgos are critical of themselves and they also expect these high standards of others, they are only critical because they put so much hard work in. This critical behavior can come across as being judgemental but believe me, they are not judging you they just care. If a Virgos is putting the effort in to criticize you and tell you practical ways to help your situation it is because they care not because they are trying to insult or upset you.

They are neat and clean all of the time. These individuals love everything to stay in place, even in a mess everything is often in its place. This organization flows through into their belongings, the hygiene, and their everyday life. Virgos appreciate order and this can be a little overwhelming for someone who is not so used to having everything in line.

Virgos HATE disappointment and failure. Virgos are so afraid of failing that they will work themselves to the bone. This is dangerous as it can be hard for Virgos to slow down and stop, failure is not an option for a Virgo and this can often mean that they will carry on working even if they are stressed or tired. Virgos need to remember that failures happen and they do not reflect on you as a person, allow others to support you and learn from your failures rather than beat yourself up.

Tempers, defensiveness, and needing the upper hand.

 These individuals do have a venting raging temper. It does not always happen and Virgos are often very chilled and go with the flow but once angry they will often vent and they will not stop talking. Virgos have a lot of feelings and when they are upset or angry they need to get all of these feelings out and make sure that they are being understood. Virgos always need to be right and this often means that they will talk and talk and talk until they have justified everything. A Virgo’s temper can be scary, it is often logical practical and very to the point, these individuals can get mean because they are so used to be critical of themselves it is easy for them to use this critical thinking in a mean way towards others, not that every Virgos does, but they can have a lethal tongue if they do. 

Virgos love to have the upper hand. They are sneaky and some Virgos are so stubborn that they won’t want to admit this but once in a while, Virgos are a little sneaky. They over-analyze everything making them very good at calculating their actions. Whilst this is a good thing a lot of the time it also means that they have the ability to think 10 steps ahead of everyone else and often try to manipulate events to go in their favor. Virgos are very clever and will sometimes play dumb to then surprise people later on or give them the upper hand, however, this should not be mistaken for their humble nature as Virgos are also humble and will not talk about their achievements so only the Virgo will know whether they are intentionally holding back or not.

One of Virgos biggest problems is how defensive they can be. Virgo people are very critical of themselves as we have already discussed. This habit of being so critical on themselves and so hardworking can make it very very upsetting when someone or something damages their self-image or work. Virgos will often defend themselves when there is really no need and this can be confusing for those who are not used to it but the Virgo is just verbally expressing the critical nature inside of them. When a Virgo is being defensive instead of arguing with them try to slow the situation down and support them by reminding them that they are fine and their personality is not being attacked.

Virgo: Traits Dates Relationships And Careers

Virgos In Relationships

Virgos are deep thinkers. They need to be with someone who is willing to sit down with them for hours and hours, opening up on every level and philosophizing about every question the world has to offer. Virgos love talking and will always appreciate good communication in a relationship. They value the small detail and it will not go unnoticed if you want to impress a Virgo then make your organization and efforts clear. If a Virgo cares they will show this through there organization, planning, timing and effort as they are not afraid to put hard work into it.

Virgos like spending a lot of time with their partner and will often unintentionally cut a lot of time with other people. They do not do this because they don’t want to spend time with others, they are used to putting A LOT of work and time into anything they care about. They will need to vent and if you are not used to this it can be very overwhelming. If a Virgo is upset then they will need to speak about it and they will need to speak about it until it makes sense to them. 

Virgos love adventures!

These individuals love spontaneity and adventures outside. Virgo is an Earth sign and these individuals need to be outside to refresh and recharge if you are with a Virgo try taking a walk with them and talking about deep topics. They need time alone as they are a very independent sign. Although Virgos love spending time with their partners they will also need time alone. After putting so much time into things Virgos will often burn themselves out and need space alone to recharge. 

It has been said but it needs to be said again as it is important Virgos are critical. They are critical about themselves and those they care about, in a relationship they will care about the other person as much as they do themselves. If it seems as though they are being judgemental about your food choices, they aren’t they are being critical because they care. In the same way that they would be critical about their own food choices, they are being critical about your food choices because they also care about your health and want the best for you as much as they want the best for themselves.

Virgos are loyal and deep. Virgos are great to be with as they will always put 100% into anything, they will go the extra mile, they will look at the small details and this makes them great at planning events, buying gifts and just knowing and remembering every small detail about their partner and what they like. Do not take their efforts for granted and if you are with a Virgo remember to look out for the small details and thank them as this is something they would really appreciate.

Virgos in relationships

Virgos At Work

 Virgos are very analytical and detailed, this means that any finely detailed job suits them. They are practical and have the ability to get things done. Virgos like organization in the workplace and clear instructions of what needs to be done with timelines and goals. Virgos need order but they also need the ability to think, get creative and move up. Virgos love to learn and accomplish, this means any job that allows them to progress upwards with hard work. Virgos love being outdoors and helping others so any career that involves being outside or being a service to others will be enjoyed. 

Virgos love their alone time and when focused and working hard they will enjoy being left to get on with it and work independently. This does not mean they can not work in a team, Virgos do very well in a well organized and fair team environment. 

Top Career Ideas:

  • Great jobs for a Virgo would be
  • Personal Assistant 
  • Systems Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Nutritionist
  • Gardener
  • Cleaner
  • Statistician
  • Technician

Famous Virgos

Beyonce – Michael Jackson – Dylan O’Brien – Abby Lee Miller – Adam Sandler – Blake Lively – Keanu Reeves – Bill Murray –  Rupert Grint – Kobe Bryant

What Now?

It is always important to remember that our zodiac sign does not define us. Use information about your sign to look deep within yourself. Reflect on your characteristics and use all the 12 zodiacs to grow and become a well-rounded individual. Use your zodiac to teach others your strengths and allow them to help you work on your flaws.  

Click here to work out your horoscope and look at an overview of all 12.

Click here to work out your element.

Characteristics and traits of a virgo


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