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Using Positive Affirmations to Rewire the Brain

How Does It Work?


Science has shown that our brains are malleable and can be rewired by our own thoughts. That’s right, you really can rewire and change your own brain. So your thoughts are important and luckily for us with a little practice we can handle our thoughts and use positive affirmations to change our thought patterns.

Here are different ways that you can rewire your brain with affirmations



We are all busy and sometimes life can be a bit too much. This option is great for those who do not have the time for stand-alone affirmations.

Subliminal messages can make their way into your brain without the need for you to be consciously aware of them. 

Subliminal affirmations include soothing music with positive affirmations recorded just below the level of auditory perception.

Write it down


Talking out loud isn’t for every one and sometimes you may want to use affirmations in a quiet environment. Simply use a pad and some paper to write down your favorite affirmations. 

The process of writing something down can create a sense of permanence that is greater that thoughts and spoken words. Writing your affirmations down as declarations can help slow the affirmation process down and allow time for them to sink.

So grab some paper and try writing out your affirmations every day.

It’s all personal


It is easy to get on the web a find hundreds of affirmations but they may be generic. These affirmations are not bad at all but you should use them as starting blocks and develop your own.

Consider taking some time to reflect what it is you need, by understanding this you can really create your own heart-centred affirmations.

There are no rules, you can but are not limited to writing short declarative sentences. You could also write long visions, songs or poems. 

This practice has many benefits as it activates your creativity and makes your affirmations more memorable, helping to imprint them into your mind.

Repeat – believe – repeat


Many successful individuals use visualisation and affirmations everyday as part of their routine. Visions and visualizations use affirmations and can encourage you to make the right choices towards a future that
you want.

Once you have your affirmations and visions in mind repeat them daily and even multiple times if you can.

The practice of repeating will wire it into your brain. The neurons in your brain will fire every time and this network will become more and more easily accessible, creating stronger pathways.

Make use of technology


Why not use your phone to help you obtain your personal development goals.

There are hundreds of apps out there that allow you to have positive affirmations shown on your phone every single day.

If you don’t like the idea of specific apps, why not use your social media accounts to follow pages that share positive affirmations.

If you have created your own affirmations and visions then try setting reminders on your
phone to help you repeat your affirmations throughout the day. You could even record your affirmations and listen to them as you go about your day.


Just say it

Our brains are powerful and we should be kind to them. Only speak kind words to yourself and never put yourself down. When you wake up, throughout the day, and before bed take some time to look in the mirror and tell yourself a positive affirmation and give yourself a big hug.

Try out our Mantra Cuffs

Why not use one of our silver engraved positive mantra cuffs in order to really remind you to say positive affirmations everyday. Each one has a unique positive inspirational message, so there really is one for everyone.



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