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Use Your Phone For Spiritual Growth

Use Your Phone For Spiritual Growth

Technology is all around us, so I think it is time for you to use your phone for spiritual growth. I’ve heard countless opinions as to whether phone use is detrimental or not. One thing is for sure, whether we like it or not they are everywhere!

I increased the ways I use my phone as a spiritual tool. I changed it from something I dreaded to look at and into something I enjoy. In that past, I had gotten to a stage where I hated my phone. I hated the attention it required. I felt as though it was constant, and this left me missing out on the things I once enjoyed about my phone.

So I made changes. I began by removing all the apps I did not use regularly, cleared space on my phone and increased the number of spiritual apps. Click here to read the blog about that.

Now my phone is filled with apps I love that encourage my spiritual development. 

Another change I made was to my mindset. One of the problems I was having with my phone was the amount of attention I felt it needed from me. The other was the times of day I was deciding to go on my phone. I made a conscious decision to be less reactive. This way I was able to  better choose when I would look at my phone and spend time on it.  I no longer picked my phone up every time a notification came up. By being less reactive, I began to feel more in control. I now enjoy the time I decide to spend on my phone. 

I decided to be less reactive to my phone.

The next thing that needed to change was the times I was going on my phone. 

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but over time I got myself into a bad habit. I was checking my phone right before sleeping and as soon as I woke up. 

Now I knew this was not good for me, yet I still did it. So, I decided this was something that was going to change. 

Before Bed

To trick myself into not checking my phone before bed, I decided to change where it is left overnight. I usually read before sleeping and check my phone right before going to sleep. I decided to move my phone out of arms reach by leaving it in my bag or somewhere further away from the bed. This way, when I had finished reading, i could no longer reach for my phone.

In The Mornings

Now in the mornings, the location of my phone also made a difference. As it is no longer in arms reach it takes much more effort for me to gravitate towards it. I decided I would make an effort to greet the day properly before going on my phone. I now open the curtains, drink my morning water, and do my yoga stretches before even checking my phone. 

But it didn’t stop there! 

I wanted to see how I could use my phone as a way to encourage me. I came up with a great technique that can help you use your phone for spiritual growth.  It has helped me to keep on track and stay focused.  

The first tab of my phone became specifically for my morning routine. When I do go on my phone in the mornings, instead of being reactive to everything, I use only the apps I have set up on my morning tab. In this tab, I organized a few  apps I sometimes use into the order I ideally like my morning to follow.

Now I’d like to make it clear that I do not strictly follow my phone, I have a semi-structured morning routine, but if I do go on my phone during this time I then only use the apps I have put aside on this tab. 

For example, I have a music app which has my yoga music playlist, my exercise app, a few meditation apps, and other apps for spiritual growth.  This way, before looking at my notification or social media apps, I make sure that I have done my yoga stretches, exercise, meditation, and other spiritual exploration, and if I haven’t this tab containing these things reminds me, motivates me, and inspires me to.

Use Your Phone For Spiritual Growth

Have you had any of these troubles and are they any techniques you use?  Do you use your phone for spiritual growth? Let me know in the comments down below.


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