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The Water Element Signs

There are 3 Zodiac Signs that hold the element Water.

These are Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Each sign represents motion and feelings in a different way. Water is always in a state of motion and this links to our feelings, memories and past. These signs have a great deal of emotion and feeling, they are concerned with the feelings we have based upon our perception and analysis. Water moves freely and these signs are often moving around and changing things

up. All 3 signs share the idea of feelings and movement but apply them in very different ways.


The Scorpion: Never quit of back down they are determined to control their own destiny.


The Fish: Charitable and compassionate, they can see many different perspectives of a situation.


The Crab: Nurturing, with a love for the home, family and traditions.




Scorpio is the fixed Water sign. This sign is known for having a sting in its tail, full of determination and never likely to back down. The fixed water sign represents feelings that do not flow freely. Scorpios are known for holding onto things and being a little shut off. This sign represents holding onto feelings until they are ready to strike.  Emotions intensify as they are held onto until they are released and if this is done negatively we get the sting of the scorpion, known for loving revenge and mystery. On the other hand this ability hold onto feelings allows great transformation. Represented by the Scorpion, eagle and dove: the scorpion holds onto feelings and this feeling can transform into an eagle where it is able to fly high, when the individual is able to let go this eagle then becomes the peaceful dove. 

Scorpio as a fixed water sign is holding on to emotions and feelings but has the ability to transform and create motion through letting go.



Pisces represents the mutable water  sign. This is the element that is always in motion and swirling around us much like the sea around the fish. This sign is known for being caring and compassionate, they are always seen helping others and can sometimes find it hard to separate their own feelings for other peoples as they connect and care so much. The mutable water sign is connected with the seas of consciousness, they are always feeling the energies around us and able to tune into others feelings and emotions. These signs are often attracted to things that allow them to release this sea of consciousness such as religion, spiritual activities, or charitable work.

Pisces as a mutable water sign is always helping by connecting with others emotionally through the sea of consciousness.



Cancer represents the cardinal Water sign. These signs are represented by the crab, they have hard outer shells and big pincers that are used to protect their home. These individuals are often connected to their past and have a huge connection to their family, home and traditions. As a cardinal water sign this represents how the individual may grab and hold onto emotions and feelings in order to keep their connection to the past and their family stable. Living by the water means the crab is in an always changing environment, the crab has created many ways in which they are able to hold onto their home and create order. This sign is known for being able to hide there emotions
but this also makes they very good at spotting out others, instead of going forward they go sideways and find unique ways to help others emotionally. 

Cancer as a cardinal water sign is able to handle strong emotions and create control in unstable environments.


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