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The Benefits Of Tarot

Left or Right?

What Is Tarot?

 I am sure many of you have heard of Tarot and Tarot Cards, some of you may have even received a Tarot Reading. Not all of us really know what the Tarot Reader is doing though. You may not fully understand how tarot cards work or how they are doing what they are doing.


So starting from the beginning it is important to note the difference between Tarot and Tarot games. Tarot is a deck of playing cards that have been around since the 18th Century and used by people often known as mystics. gypsy’s, witches, psychics, fortune tellers, and intuitive’s to name a few, these individuals use the cards to gain a deeper understanding of certain situations and find answers to questions. Tarot card games, on the other hand, have been around a lot longer and date back to the mid 15th Century.

Can Tarot Tell The Future?

The Tarot cards are used to find insight into the past and present and with effect into your future. So we need to create more understanding around tarot and how it is not just ‘hocus pocus’. Regardless of spiritual belief or beliefs in clairvoyance Tarot Cards can still be used psychologically to allow us all to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of our situations.

There is no single consensus about how Tarot Cards work as everyone has different beliefs. Some believe that Tarot is working on a psychological level to help us unlock our own understanding, some believe that the Tarot enables the mind to access a collective consciousness and connect on a higher level, others believe that there are higher realms, angels and outer spiritual forces working with the Tarot.

Comment your thoughts below. When getting a Tarot Reading the individual will often be clear about the type they are giving and if not you can always ask them. Tarot cards are used as a tool and everyone uses them in their own unique way. You may want to ask if it is a psychic Tarot Reading with spiritual guidance, more of an astrological Tarot Reading or just a Reading with only the use of the cards.

So, no matter your beliefs we will be looking at the ways in which tarot can benefit us all!

What Does It Involve?

The Tarot Deck is made up of 78 different cards.

There are 22 Major Arcana Cards that represent life’s karmic and spiritual lessons.

There are 56 Minor Arcana Cards that reflect the trials and tribulations that we can all experience on a daily basis. These Minor cards also include 16 Court cards. The court cards represent 16 different personality characteristics that we can all express from time to time and recognize within ourselves and others. The other 40 Minor cards are then split between 4 Suits and each represents various situations that we encounter in day-to-day life.

Each of the cards holds meaning and with practice, a Tarot card reader will develop the story of each card and fully understand the complexity of every meaning and how it can be used to reflect on the situation at hand. Although many cards have overall meaning Tarot readers that so believe in spiritual guidance and external forces or psychic abilities will use these to give further insight and understanding of the situation. With Tarot cards being used as a tool by each person uniquely cards meaning can often be different for different people and this is part of the magic of Tarot Reading.

How Can You Use Tarot?

It is what we take from it that is important. You need to be ready to open up, reflect and do some exploring inwards.

If you have a Tarot reading and walk away without even thinking about what has been presented to you then it won’t be worth your time. If you are to step back even just for a second and think about your situations from a new perspective, from a place of love or start to put your thoughts together then it has done its job.

I view Tarot like a jigsaw piece that is in progress.

 Imagine a jigsaw piece for a second, as you progress you may have the main bulk of the jigsaw that you are working on and every time you add a new piece it fits perfectly and it everything begins to makes sense, you also have a smaller bit of jigsaw, this bit is fitting together and beginning to show something but it is being put together on the side because it does not fit into the main jigsaw just yet and lastly you have a pile of pieces that are still on their own but they are beginning to be placed into piles that have similar lines of color shades and you know that they will fit right in eventually.

Now imagine that the jigsaw is your life, it is your story, your past, present, future, and inner self. There may be the main situation that you are focused on in life at the moment (the bulk) and there will be information from the tarot reading that just slots perfectly into place and make sense in relation to this situation. There will also be other areas of your life that you are not so focused on right now (the smaller bit of jigsaw) this represents a bit of information that links to other areas of your life and things that will one day have relevance to your current situation. There will also be things that make little sense in the reading and you may wonder why it has even come up (the piles of single pieces), it is important to always be reflecting because these small pieces will often pop back into your life sometimes months down the line and suddenly it all makes sense. Just because they do not link so obviously to what you are focused on right now it does not mean that they are not of importance in your life story. A jigsaw is not complete without ever a single unique piece coming together.

Tarot is the mirror to our soul and the key to our inner self. Tarot can be used on a journey of self-development to gain inner wisdom, it can be used to help make decisions, manifest goals, plan, motivate, bring clarity, meditate, understand yourself and others around you.

The Tarot is created with such freedom that it capitulates every spiritual lesson we meet in our lives. When we consult the Tarot we will be shown an exact lesson we need to be reflecting on, learning from and mastering in order to live an inspired life. Tarot allows us to tap into our subconscious and focus.


Did You Pick Left Or Right?

The Moon

The Moon is a mystical card. It represents illusions, mystery and a clear boundary between sleeping and being awake. This card symbolizes the world of emotions and a spiritual journey. This is an escape from reality and a journey of trust into the unknown. Spend today thinking and delving into the unknown. Be curious and question everything!

The Emperor

The Emperor represents authority, it shows someone who is able to direct and make an authoritative judgment. This powerful card is full of grounding energies. Be confident and strong about your decisions today. Stick with your instinct and have faith in your own ability. Feel grounded and steady today.


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