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Spiritual Possession and Entity Transfer

The Nature of Spiritual Possession and the Classification of Beings


Do you feel like sometimes you aren’t yourself? Do you feel like something is a part of you that isn’t you? Are there parts of yourself that you don’t like? If so then you might be working with some darker energies that are a part of your being or have come from the outside and attached themselves to your energy system.

In this article I’m going to describe the phenomenon of entity transfer. First, I will share with you the nature of entities, how they travel through consciousness, and what you need to do in order to keep yourself safe. In closing, I will also go into the classification of spiritual beings. Many people think that there are just good and bad beings, which is far from the case.

We have this image conditioned to us by Hollywood that entities are these demonic beings that break up families and cause destruction amongst everything. This does happen but not nearly as much as you’d think. However, today I want to go into the basics. Because it is the small habits and basics of everyday life that determine the quality of our everyday life. You need to master the little everyday things if you want to be as happy and joyful as you can be on this planet.

Entities, simply put, is just another term for thought or emotional form. Energy makes up all things. And it’s always swirling around us. In the physical state of consciousness, we see everything as separate. We see everything as disconnected. However, in other states of consciousness you can observe reality as simply one swirling mass and interplay of energy. If you just get a glimpse of the beyond then you will never be the same again.

Simply put in the higher realms everything is just swirling and whirling around. As you go up into the astral and etheric realms in consciousness you will find and see that everything becomes blended and swirling. As you go down in states of consciousness everything becomes dense. This is just how reality works. Whatever is happening at the physical realm is due to the higher realms that flow down into the physical. They’re in flow of one another.

Every human behavior has an associated thought and emotion correlated with it. This energy takes place at the higher realms and trickles down into the physical through your body, which you experience. People think they’re “themselves” everyday yet in reality this isn’t true. Different types of energies are always pouring in and out of us. If you take note of this from your present to present awareness you will see that you take on different energies all the time which should make you question that nature of your true identity.

In the world this is always happening. Everyone has energies coming through them from one given moment to the next. We are always trading, sifting, and creating energies. Entity is just a simple way of saying a specific thought and emotion is coming through you at a given moment. It is a frequency that plays out through your being. Energetically, if you are open to someone or even spaces and places then things will want to come through you and into you. Certain energies are always looking to play out through a physical body.

If you’re a person who rarely drinks and you find yourself at a bar with friends then you will feel more inclined to drink then if you were at your own home. This is because the collective energy is simply playing stronger in that field around you and so it wants to play through you. This is why yogis go high up in the mountains away from civilization. They create their own realities in the mountains where they can call down divine energies. Higher energies that aren’t tainted by the collective energies.

The higher energy you are naturally the more of life will flow to you. This is just a basic law of reality. Higher energies hold up lower energies and lower energies are looking to get filled up on higher energies because they’re lacking and cannot be supported by themselves. This is why you must be careful about choosing what energies you allow to enter into your system, especially if you’ve finally worked to the point where you have merged with your higher divine self, or base frequency. This doesn’t mean that you have to live like a hermit and never have human contact again. But it does mean that you should become aware of what energies you are engaging with. If they lift you up then be with them, if they pull you down then go the other way.

Now, what to do if a being at another energy level comes to you asking for help? Sense into their energy and see if they truly want to become a better person and are willing to change. If however, they have no intention of changing and just want attention and another person to throw their sob story onto without desiring true change then walk away from them. Some energies don’t want to change they simply want to spread and have their own poor realities reflected back to them. They’re caught in self-destructive feedback loops.

It is most important to understand your energetic anatomy and how it functions. Chakras determine how our energy system functions. And if we are around people with certain entities or specific energies within them and we open up to them than those entities will try to jump from their host to a new host that exists at a higher energy. Be aware of who you engage with and open yourself up to. To make clear I will give you an example below.

Sexuality is a good example because it is so prevalent in our culture. It is accepted as the norm to have sex with people randomly. A person who is addicted to sex really has an energy attached at the root chakra and that energy is fulfilling its desires through the physical human frame. Many people don’t realize that they have entity attachments. They just think that those thoughts and emotions and voices are them. It’s not until you have someone remove the energy entity do they realize that it was never them in the first place.

The attached entity may be a deceased person who was addicted to sex and died and now floats around the astral looking to get its fix through the physical frames of other humans. Humans who are open energetically, through similar desires and impulses, can get these attachments. This is why addiction can be so hard to break. Because once you build an energy pattern it can be easily reinforced.

There are many beings in the astral that have addictions to something on the physical plane and when they die they go up into the astral and float around until they can find a womb so they can satisfy their desires. Some people have baser desires while others are more pure. Entities who float around in the astral will try to feed on desires that can only be exercised through the human frame. They will attach to a human who shares a similar passion. Like a virus they will try to spread and jump to higher and higher energies. Many people have sexual entities linked to them and humans have sex thinking that it is just them when in reality two entities from the astral are using the bodies of those humans to have sex with one another. This happens all the time and if you start to develop your astral sight then you will see this happening.


The best way to protect yourself isn’t through smudging with sage or avoiding people. Although, those methods can work. The best way is to entrain your focus. You have to learn to focus on the things you want and where you want to go. Where your focus goes energy flows. Teach your brain to only focus on the things that you want and desire. Focus on your spiritual evolution and you won’t have to worry about entity attachment. You will only bring forth those energies that will benefit you and humanity.

If you’re new to the spiritual awakening process then it is critically important to understand that you should never just openly call out to the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm has good, bad, and neutral being in it. It can have weak light beings, evil powerful beings, average neutral beings and all sorts of combinations. People tend to think that entities are either good or bad and the good will always overrule the bad. This is a naïve view and not the case. In fact, if this were the case then we’d have a very different world here on the physical plane. So when you call out to the spirit realm be specific about the energy your calling in because if you are not then you will have a rush of energies, of various kinds, wanting to come into your human frame. Being human is a tremendous privilege. Value yourself and your body!

Beings exists in all type of sizes, shapes, and flavors and they’re always playing out from the astral into the physical. Don’t be afraid just be aware. When we are afraid it is usually a product of not knowing. However, if you know then there is no reason to be afraid because you’re in control. Just be aware in each moment and be aware of who you open your energies up to. Practice and learn discrimination.

Deepest blessings and peace!

Mystic Eye


This blog post has been brought to you by our guest writer Mystic Eye


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