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Positivity - Stability - Nourishing

This strong stone is the birthstone of July. This variety of corundum is colored by chromium oxides. Ruby can be red but also purple and blue. They have long been known to symbolize wealth, power, health and a long life.

  • Location: Rubies have been mined in Thailand, Camodia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, India and Japan
  • System: Trigonal
  • Rarity: Common
  • Lustre: Vitreous to adamantine
  • Hardness: 9
  • Identification: It has distinctive barrel shaped hexagonal crystals which narrow at each end.

Healing Powers

  • Heals the heart and encourages love
  • Used to detoxify the body and purify both the emotional and physical.
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces fear and protects the wearer

Properties and Uses

Red symbolises vitality and all things living. This powerful stone symbolises a long and healthy life.

Ruby acts like the sun, like a reliable source of life energy. Like the sun it is believed to bring the wearer the same longevity,
vitality and success. This stone soothes relationships with others. It encourages feelings of confidence and security. It increases self esteem and It is a strong grounding crystal that helps the wearer feel steady.


Ruby can be used to reestablish balance. When meditating try placing some Ruby by your feet and visualise the Root Chakra to help stabilise and ground.Wear Ruby to help give you inner strength a and achieve goals. 

Similar Stones

Sapphire – Zircon – Garnet – Spinel – Red Tourmaline


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