Crystal Chip 7 Chakra Bracelets

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Cleanse your Chakras of any blockages!

The Sanskrit word Chakra translates to wheel and refers to our wheels of energy. Prana moves inside of you spinning, rotating and flowing through your Chakra centers. We all have 7 main Chakra centers of energy moving within our bodies, these Chakra centers start at the bottom of our spine and finish just above the head. Each Chakra has its own vibrational energy that's resembled by its own unique color.

In our daily lives, we can often feel drained and out of energy so it is important to keep our chakras in balance for a full and blissful life. By seeing these Chakra symbols you will be reminded to connect with your powerful Chakra energies. 

Each of these stunning necklaces matched to one of the 7 main Chakras with the corresponding symbol and color in order to cleanse, balance and open the Chakra. Spend a minute thinking about which one you are drawn to.

Natural Stones include:

  • Red Agate: This fiery stone is many years old and commonly used for protection and grounding oneself. Bringing balance to our lives.
  • Aventurine: A creative stone used for mental clarity and intellect. The green Aventure it is believed to enhance prosperity and bring career success.
  • Orange Jade: This is the warrior stone and is believed to dispell fear, worry and doubt that may hold you back. This stone brings strength to those around it. 
  • Amethyst: An excellent all- purpose stone with calming properties allowing it to soothe the mind and emotions. It is often used in meditation due to its balancing ability to stabilise and clear the mind.
  • Tiger Eye: A stabilising stone used for grounding and protection. it is believed to keep you safe and enhance willpower,  self-confidence and practicality.
  • Lazuli: This is an ancient Egyptian stone and it is believed to stimulate wisdom and good judgement.
    Chain Type: Link Chain Length of Bracelet: Approx 20cm Inner Perimeter: 17.8cm Please Note: Each crystal is produced from a different stone and this means that some slight color variations may occur between each piece. Like us humans, they are imperfect in their perfect nature. 

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