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Popular Pisces


Pisces pisces pisces, you guys are EXCITING. If you need a room hyped up just invite a Pisces in! Individuals with Pisces as their Sun Sign are loud, share their emotions and talk talk talk. Pisces individuals are very caring people and they are always willing to get involved. These individuals are very creative and enjoy spending hours and hours on their own personal hobbies and interests.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

How to spot a Pisces

  • They are alternative and often break social molds.
  • Pisces individuals are loud, happy and energetic.
  • They always help out.
  • They get very attached and love romance.
  • Pisces are really creative and have many hobbies.
  • They can have very large mood swings.
  • Pisces people can talk for hours.
  • They sometimes act like the victim.
  • They are very loyal friends.
Top Qualities

Pisces individuals are compassionate, intuitive and at the core very gentle. This very loving zodiac sign is always there to help others and makes a great friend.


Pisces you know that you attach easily, and this is a wonderful quality when you are there for others. You really are a great friend and invest a lot of time and energy into others. This overly emotional and overly caring side also means that you fall hard for people. When you like someone, you like them, and they know about it. You put a lot of attention and effort into that individual and at hears you really are a big romantic. Pisces are known for being cheesy, soppy and will do anything to make the people they care about feel special.


Pisces people can often be seen helping out strangers. In situations where others might question whether to help or not a Pisces is already there. They are helpful and considerate to all people and this obviously has its benefits and its negatives. We need Pisces people in the world to help others, stick up for people and get involved but this also means that they might unknowingly put themselves into dangerous situations without thinking. Even if they do not know the people and it is not their place a Pisces will often get involved and try to help. For example, if someone was being picked on you can count on a Pisces to stick up for them and get involved, however, there are times when this kindness really could get a Pisces in danger.


Pisces you are FUN, if you need people hyped get a Pisces involved. Pisces individuals will talk to anyone, they are not shy, and they really enjoy socializing and being the center of attention does not phase them at all. They have A LOT of energy and they can really bring people out of their shells.

They are happy happy people and very charismatic without even realizing it. Pisces people have a powerful energy that can really light the
room up. They have a lot of similarities with other signs and that is why they manage to link and get on with everyone. These individuals have a very flexible personality and may change how they are depending on who they are around. This is not in a two-faced sort of way but rather just that this flexibility and complex personality is just them. It is a great trait because this means that they can fit in everyone and get on with almost anyone, however, be warned this flexibility can sometimes be a bit extreme (as always with Pisces).


Pisces can become stuck in their heads and over think but they can also use this deep thinking as a creative advantage. Pisces people are often very creative, they have interests and hobbies that allow a creative outlet and it can be magical. Pisces you are extreme escapists and you may realise that you live in a separate world from reality a lot of the time. This does have its disadvantages, but it also means that you can be super creative and really think outside of the box and get involved in friendships and relationships focused around these creative passions, hobbies and interests. Pisces individuals are very loyal
friends and family members. They will be there for those that are close to them anytime whenever they need them. Pisces you like to talk, and you might not have realized but you really can talk all day and all night, especially about things you are passionate and emotional about. Whilst they talk A LOT, Pisces are known for not lying, they might have a bit of a blabber mouth and not be

very good at keeping secrets, but they do not lie or even think about it. They are mysterious! Pisces people have a reputation for being spiritual, alternative and a little different from everyone else. They are super intuitive and great at reading other people, this could be due to Pisces incorporating so many traits seen in other zodiac signs. They often do unconventional things that others may not believe in and really enjoy this, the things they believe in can be used as a
form of deep thinking and focusing their attention. Pisces people really do follow their heart, and this can be magical. With so many alternative ideas and passions Pisces people are often confident people and happy in their own skin most of the time. They make strong decisions and clearly know what they want. This wonderful way of viewing the world and sometimes living in a slightly different reality means that Pisces people are very happy and at times do not see any negatives in the world at all. This wonderful view can help them creatively and allow them to see the best in people however when something goes wrong and the world is not as the Pisces pictured it they can often be left depressed with this new realization and it can take a while for them to be drawn back out of this.

Things to watch out for  

Pisces are often very emotional and are known as the cry babies. As a water sign they are sensitive and a little fragile so you might need to be careful when giving them criticism. Pisces you do sometimes take things to heart and think deeply about them making you seem so sensitive. We may need to be a little cautious and just think about what we say before criticizing a Pisces. Depending on their mood a Pisces can be open minded and relaxed about criticism or they might do a 360 and be offended very quickly, regardless of how they are in that moment they are likely to dwell and think about it later on, which can be very destructive. Whilst they are happy to be the center of attention they do care about what other people think and can have this in the back of their heads.

Pisces be careful because you might avoid reality by getting lost in your own head and mind. The Pisces people might act as though the things in front of them are not happening and put a wall up to live in their own little world. This can lead to them spending a lot of time alone and even isolating themselves. This could cause them to be distracted from things that really do matter, for example if something is wrong they may act as though it doesn’t exist for a while rather than sorting it out. When they are lost in thought, feeling low and perhaps isolating themselves it might be hard emotionally for them to get themselves back out of this state. Problems can often pile up and become harder for them overall, as it is quite self-destructive it is beneficial for Pisces individuals to have a friend that knows how they are and can be there for them when they get lost in their own heads. So if you are a Pisces explain it to a friend and if you are not a Pisces and you are reading this just try and reach out to your Pisces friend and look out for this.

The extreme escapism we spoke about does not always involve being isolated away or letting it out creatively. If you are not careful Pisces this escapism can be more detrimental and lead to using sex, drugs, alcohol, eating and partying to escape from reality. They could escape in a healthy way or unhealthy way.

Pisces are very emotional people and this means that they usually let people know exactly how they feel and can be a little overwhelming and intense. Most Pisces people are probably aware that when they are happy they are damn happy, but when you are sad they can get really low and this can be tiring for them. A Pisces person will often spend time focusing on their hobbies and using them as a creative outlet. If you see a Pisces focusing more heavily on a hobby or interest it might be because something is wrong, and they are trying to distract themselves from reality.

Pisces talk A LOT, whilst this is fun it can also get a little annoying for others sometimes. Pisces people express how they feel whether it is emotionally or physically. For example if they are angry, cold or hungry they will talk about it for hours or until it has been resolved. Pisces are very open about how they feel and not afraid to let people know. You may recognize this Pisces! Rather than being private people they are more likely to be active on social media and use it to express their emotions and what is going on to others.

Pisces people have a darker side. They really do have mood swings and their mood can change drastically from being their loving kind selves to an intense and emotional mood. Pisces I’m sure you are aware of this, it takes about half a second to piss you off, one minute they are having a great time and the next they change instantly to being in a mood; before you think about it telling them to chill out will not relax.

When a Pisces has really been hurt or upset they can very quickly cut people out of their lives and quiet easily as well. For many it can be hard to even imagine their Pisces friend getting mad but they do and once they do you know about it. Pisces people are so so caring and they can often be underestimated. People often do not think that they could ever be bad, moody, angry, or bitchy. They do have that other side to them that is intense and a little irrational, but due to their kind compassionate nature this can often be underestimated and shock those who have not seen it before.

Pisces people like being alone and need space every once in a while as they are very emotional. They may show their angry side more often but they do also have a insecure emotional side. These individuals often have a dark thought process and this can cause a lot of conflict and emotional turmoil for them when they are alone. They will often be haunted by their past and think about it for long time. They can get lost in their thoughts and end up with really deep and messy thought processes.

Pisces you need to watch out for how stubborn you can be. Pisces people know what they think and want, they are very hard to talk in and out of things, once they have decided they have decided! Pisces people can be very feisty and whilst they are loud and shout they are often all talk and no action. They shout and talk a lot about what they are going to do but then do not actually do it. So, whilst they are kind and compassionate it is hard to always trust a promise from a Pisces that involves any action, it may take them a long time to get around to it. This doesn’t mean that they are lying or being two-faced, it is more about reliability and action, for example if they make a promise to do something they may put it off without even meaning to, they might promise to keep a secret but accidentally let slip when they are happy and excited whilst talking to others. They do not intentionally fall through on promises and plans they are just so stuck in their own heads and reality that they often forget.

Pisces in a relationship

In a relationship Pisces are very good to their partners, they treat them like gold. They are caring, romantic and cheesy. Pisces people can be very attached but they do also want space, so they are not clingy.  They show a lot of love, care and affection to their partners.

They wear their heart on their sleeve and will tell you exactly how they feel. They are happy to talk about their emotions and really open up to those that they are close to.  All this emotion in a relationship does mean that they can get mad and little oversensitive at times.

Pisces do vary but for the most they are very loyal. They sometimes take advantage of those who love them without meaning to but they are also taken advantage of by others as they get so attached and are so so loving. If a Pisces get’s into a relationship with the wrong person this person could take advantage of the abundance of love that Pisces has to give. They like to make the other person feel loved and special no matter what it might take. If things do turn sour Pisces people are very open and show their emotions. They will often talk to those they are close to about what is happening and publicly post updates about their relationship on social media.

Pisces Careers

Pisces people are so caring that any job involving care would suit them.  The huge amount of creativity and passion that Pisces people have can be put to use in any creative job. If they are able to incorporate their hobbies and interests into their jobs they will be truly happy. For example if they love design then work within social media, marketing and design could be wonderful for them, if they love cooking then they will shine with a job in the kitchen. Pisces people have an ability to switch off and escape reality, this means that a job combining their interests with work allows them to escape and focus really work hard on the job at hand because they enjoy it.

Great jobs for an Pisces would be : Anything creative, artist, photographer, chef, musician, nurse, psychiatrist, alternative medicine/healer, non-profit organisations and charity work, fashion


Famous Pisces

Justine Bieber – Rhianna – Stephen Curry – George Washington – Albert Einstein – Daniel Craig – Floyd Mayweather – Kurt Cobain – Johnny Cash – Sir Elton John – Michaelangelo – Eddie Murphy – Bruce Willis,

It is always important to remember that we are not defined by our astrology. Use information about your Zodiac to look deep within yourself. Reflect on your characteristics and use all the 12 Zodiac to grow and become a well rounded individual. Use your Zodiac to teach others your strengths and work on your flaws


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