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Our Story

We realigned our lifestyle

We were tired of living a life that did not serve our true authentic selves. Mindlessly living, consuming and working, with little time for any true self-care or spiritual practice. 

We realigned our lifestyle and made a promise to ourselves, to live mindfully, slow down, and make our spiritual practice a vital part of every day. 

We looked around and saw so many others living this way, mindless, unhappy, uninspired by life, and close to burnout. The core aim of Reclaiming Zen is to rediscover a healthy balanced lifestyle. We want everyone to harness their power and see the treasures within themselves. 

By combining ancient wisdom and sacred teachings, with modern mind-body and spirit sciences and psychology, we aim to make a difference to your life and in turn those around you.

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Our team

Whether you are just starting your road to self discovery, a part time meditator or a full time yogi this is the place for you. We are all on this journey together and we promise to share our experience and bring you products and information to help boost, inspire and motivate your experiences.

Our team at Reclaiming Zen are firm believers in karma and spreading goodwill, so we strive to treat everyone with true compassion.

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Our mission

Reclaiming Zen seeks to help you find balance, harmony and inner peace in todays modern world. We are going through this journey together and we aim to combine ancient wisdom with modern mind, body and spirit science and intuition to deliver purposeful products and bring you meaningful information.

Unique Products

We spend time liaising with skilled artisans from across the world and handpick only the best quality items

customer experience

Customer Service is at the very heart of Reclaiming Zen, we want every interaction you have with us to leave a smile on your face

purposeful products

Our products are selected to have a meaningful place within your life and on your spiritual journey.

To share

Through our social media and blog we aim to share free knowledge and experiences about zen inspired living.

satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your products that we offer a no quibbles "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" policy.

To make a difference

Todays busy, hectic modern world can sometimes get the best of us. Reclaiming Zen is here to help reconnect you with your inner self and find balance