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New Year Reflection

It’s not all about New Year resolutions!


Whilst I love New Year resolutions and setting myself new goals, I feel that a lot is missed. So many of us just jump into the new year with new goals and aspirations, completely forgetting about the 365 days just gone. This
December why not spend some time sitting down and reflecting and thinking about the year you have just had.

So, what is reflection? 

Reflection is the process of examining and interpreting our experiences in life. Through this process it is thought that we can gain new experiences and grow as an individual. The process of reflection is used throughout many
different professions so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used in our daily lives.

How do I reflect?

Reflecting may come easily to you or it might take some practice. Find a relaxing place to sit with a pen and paper, take a few minutes to think about the previous year and ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How did this situation make me feel? 
  • What new things have I discovered? 
  • What could I have done better? 
  • Did I reach my goals?   
  • What did I do well? 
  • How did I treat others?  
  • Was I happy with the outcome? 
  • Was I true to myself? 
  • What did I find challenging?   
  • How can I use what I have learnt in the future? 

Have a think about some of these questions. Think about the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. Think about what you have accomplished, what you haven’t and what you’d like to. 

This year before writing out new year resolutions reflect about the previous year. Go into the new year with understanding and analysis of your previous actions and thoughts. 


If you are interested in thinking about how to be rather than what to do click here to read our blog about how to measure the quality of your day.


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