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Stop Negative Thinking Today!

Being in a negative environment or around negative people can be horrible, so why let yourself live in a negative mind and have negative thoughts. By changing our thoughts we are able to change our worlds. It can be difficult to control ourselves from negative thoughts and it can be hard to shift them once they are there.

We have made a simple list of ways in which you can shift your thinking and change these negative thoughts into something more positive. If you are fed up of having negative thoughts and you are ready to make a change just read our 8 steps now.

1 –  Recognize your negative thinking

The first thing you will need to do is recognise and know what it is we are being negative about and what situations may case us to think negatively. 

2 – Automatically blaming yourself 

Sometimes it can be easy to blame ourselves and be too hard on ourselves. We cannot control everything and that is why we should not automatically blame ourselves for everything.

3 – Automatically anticipating the worst

This can happen so easily and ruin the rest of our day, have you ever been running late for work in the morning because of traffic and already anticipated the rest of your day will be miserable. Well of cause it will be miserable if you are going about already thinking that way. So next time something goes wrong try to separate that event and not let it impact on the way you view the rest of your day. 

4 – Focus on the positive instead of the negative

So often we dwell of the negative things are we easily forget all of the positive that has occurred. So I have a challenge for you. Next time you think of something negative take note of how long you spent dwelling on this negative thought. Now I want you to think of a positive memory or affirmation, think about this for double the length of time you spent on the negative

5 – Check your thinking

The only person that can change your thinking patterns is you. From time to time throughout the day examine your thinking and if it is negative change this thought into something positive.

6 – Follow a healthy lifestyle 

Try to fill your time, eat well, exercise often and take up some hobbies and “me” time. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and focusing your mind on things you enjoy can help to reduce negative thinking patterns.

7 – Laugh

Try not to be a kill-joy, take joy in the little things and find happiness in others around you. Take the time to have a real big belly laugh every now again.

8 – You tribe is your vibe

The type of people you surround yourself with can really affect the way you think. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good and lift you up. Be with people who can positively give you advice.

If you are serious about conquering negative thinking you really need to be challenging yourself everyday. Today is the day to be the best you and transform your mind for the future. Practice positive thinking everyday. Becoming a positive thinker is not something that happens over night, it requires time and practice.

Let me know how you all get on!


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