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Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet

These beautiful lucky knot bracelets are handmade in a variety of different colours. You may be wondering what makes them so wonderful, not only are they handmade (taking around 30-50 minutes) but they are also created whilst powerful mantras are recited. 

What is a mantra? A mantra is a sequence of words or syllables which are repetitively  chanted as part of the Buddhist practice. A mantra can be viewed as a seed for energizing an intention and keeping it in mind. Mantras evoke enlightenment and are therefore usually used during meditation. 

This beautiful bracelet balances the soul and brings with it an abundance of luck, wholeness and unity.

It is believed that this trendy adjustable rope bracelet brings the wearer good luck and attracts “all that is good”. Mantras infuse the bracelet with spiritual energy that can allow positive energies to flow into the wearer. As
the right side of the body represents projection this beautiful bracelet should only be worn on the left; the left side is for receiving positive energies into the soul.

Support these Artisans and their communities – begin your journey of luck today!

Which color is best for you?

lucky knot bracelets

Our team of Tibetan Buddhists make these amazing lucky knot bracelet in an array of different colors. So how do you know which one best suits you? Well we have done some research and this is what we found:

Colors can be used to symbolize and resemble lots of different things. We can look at color from a social perspective a personal perspective and spiritually. You may want to match a color to your aura, a specific chakra or something
personal to you. Once you understand the meaning of color you can match your intentions with your bracelet. All colours are a combination of one another and we can see a range of different hues. 

Red Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


Red has a range of meaning from love and passion to fiery anger, but both are connected through strong emotion.  Red represents life force and preservation. It represents the base root chakra. It can strengthen grounding energies and feelings of security. Amitabha is the Buddha often depicted with a red body.


White is an inherently positive color. White is associated with water, pure innocence, protection, learning and knowledge. It is representative of clarity and spirituality. Vairocana is the Buddha of this color and also the Luna God Chandra in Hinduism.

Orange Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


Orange is a bright vibrant color that combines both red and yellow. This color represents the Sacral Chakra, which controls our pleasure for life and creativity. Orange also represents Buddha Ratnasambhava who is seen to represent the wisdom of equality and equanimity.

Deep Red Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelet


This deep red color holds all the same meanings as the Red Bracelet. Unlike the other brighter red this deep red is more of an earthly color used for grounding and connecting to nature.

Multicolored Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelet


This beautiful array of colors holds with it all of the individuals meanings associated with each color. This jumble of colors represents a wholeness of the universe and how everything works together.

Pink Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelet


Pink is the color of love and compassion. Pink often incorporates both the characteristics of red and white. In this case the deeper Pink is associated with Red and the darker more passionate and emotional side of pink.

Pink Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


Pink is a loving compassionate color. It represents unconditional love and it is associated with giving and receiving care. Pink includes the characteristics of red and white. This Rose Pink represents the innocence of

Green Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


We often associate green with all things natural in the world. Green is the color of balance, harmony, and good fortune. Green connects with the heart Chakra and promotes prosperity. Amoghasiddhi is the Buddha of this


Blue is the color of peace, tranquillity, healing and purity. Akshobhya is the Buddha of this color. This is the color of wisdom and connects with the throat Chakra. This color is often symbolic of the air and it is used
to improve communication and letting things go.

Golden Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


Gold is the color of endurance and true meaning. It is often used to symbolize power and confidence. This color can also symbolise Surya the Sun God in Hinduism. Use this color to open yourself up to courageous energy.


A light mint color is not often seen. The green represents financial gain. The light blue represents healing happiness and inner peace. 

Black Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


Black often symbolizes the unknown power and mystery of the world. Black can represents all unanswered mysteries and infinite space. Use black to contemplate the Universe and all its wonders.

Red and Silver Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


The Red in this bracelet holds the same meaning as the red above. It represents life force and connects to the Root Chakra.

 Silver is often used to represent the moon and all things mystical. Silver can represent the realm of imagination and a connection between our world and the dream world.

Green and Silver Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


The Green in this bracelet holds the same meaning as the green above. It encourages prosperity luck and connects to the Heart Chakra.

 Silver is often used to represent the moon and all things mystical. Silver can represent the realm of imagination and a connection between our world and the dream world.

Blure and Silver Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot


The Blue in this bracelet holds the same meaning as the blue above. It encourages loyalty, trust and communication. It connects to the Throat Chakra.

 Silver is often used to represent the moon and all things mystical. Silver can represent the realm of imagination and a connection between our world and the dream world.

What ever color suits you is down to what it is that you need or want to promote in your life. There is a color for everyone!

Namaste and always stay Zen!

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New & Exclusive 7 Chakra Bracelet Set!

We wanted to create something that combined both the traditional Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelets and our understanding of the 7 main Chakra centers. 

We wanted to create an item that can be used everyday, that looks great and is also a tool for your spiritual practice. This vibrant set of Chakra bracelets is just that! 

7 Chakra Lucky Knot Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot

Our vision is for your Chakra set to become an integral part of your morning routine, as we want you to wake up and feel your Chakra energies. Our set allows you to pick whichever bracelets you need for that day, and then read our powerful Chakra affirmation to help you connect with each Chakra center. 

7 Chakra Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot

These bracelets are designed to be worn all day long, so that every time you notice your vibrant Chakra bracelet you will also become more aware of your powerful Chakra energies – and draw in even more energy!


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