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How Sacred Geometry Can Help You

As we can see in the starter guide to sacred geometry it has played an important role throughout history, architecture, mathematics, engineering, and philosophy. It is seen throughout constructions, art, and natural forms. But beyond these teachings what can sacred geometry do for you.

A greater understanding of sacred geometry can have many benefits. To save you time we have written our top 5 ways that understanding sacred geometry can help you.

Spatial understanding and visual ability


In order to understand the wonder of the worlds shape and appreciate it we must firstly understand and have knowledge of spatial use. We must understand space and the position, size and shape of things in it. Many projects require the ability to imagine what is needed inside a certain space such as planning a house renovation or determining what size rug to buy or the layout of a new garden. Once we know how to apply and understand the relationship between shapes and sizes we can apply them to our everyday lives. We will deal with measurements and relationships of lines, angles, surfaces, and solids. Your imagination is like an untapped source of objects that need to come together in a bigger picture. Some people think in shapes and sizes whilst others think with visual abilities. Practice visualizing 3-D shapes and dimensions will help with tasks like these.

In the workplace


Many different fields of study require knowledge of geometry and many others will do well with a background understanding of geometry in mind. Different scientific and technological fields often use geometry and it is especially in more advanced specialized study fields. An understanding of geometry can have wonders on creativity and can really make it come to life. This wonderful creativity can be seen in the geometric artworks and architecture all around us.



Enhance 3-D thinking 

Two and three dimensional shapes are originated in geometry and the use of triangles and other shapes influence this. All things such as television, movies, books and puzzles are influences by geometry and once
we understand this we are able to think in a much more geometric way. If you work within graphic design, movie production, architecture or any other type of design work you may be aware of this. An awareness
of sacred geometric patterns will help train your brain to see the patterns and improve your design and 3-D skills. 


Wider horizons and appreciation of nature and the universe

Having this awareness of geometric shapes and familiarisation with them makes them all that bit easier to spot. Once you are familiar with them the shapes you will start to spot them in many places, you will see
them repeat throughout nature and man-made structures.


Enhance logical thinking

When you begin to use geometry you also learn to think logically. This can help in many areas of everyday life. Not everything is easy to understand but being able to think from different aspects and apply
knowledge really helps. When we think logically we often find solutions and seeing shapes and learning geometry can help us to reason logically.  

So as you can see geometry is important to our lives. It can be fun to practice using and without even knowing it you will begin to develop many other skills.

Let me know how you get on and how you all feel about these ideas.


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