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Green Aventurine

Opportunity - Prosperity- Stability

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and personal growth. It can be used to promote success, prosperity and creativity. Not only is this stone used for healing it is great for releasing old patterns and habits so that change can take place. Once we have accepted change new growth can take place, moving forward with confidence and motivation.

  • Location: Mined in India, Brazil, China and Russia
  • System: Trigonal, microcrystalline
  • Rarity: Common variety of massive Quartz
  • Lustre: Vitreous
  • Hardness: 7
  • Identification: They can be identified by the metallic sparkly flecks.

Healing Powers

  • Used to calm and stabilize emotions.
  • Can be used to encourage a positive outlook and embrace change.
  • Green Aventurine is a great crystal for balancing and connecting to the Heart Chakra.
  • This stone can be used for promoting spiritual growth and gratitude for what you have.

Properties and Uses

Green Aventurine is a great stone for motivation and promoting success. As a healing and balancing stone it is great for focusing intentions and really working through unsettled emotions.

Green Aventurine is said to help with vision. It was even used in Tibet to increase perception and improve eyesight.

  • Promotes Good Luck and success
  • Releases of old habits and disappointments
  • Soothes quick tempers
  • Connects to the Heart Chakra
  • Learn ones place in the Universe
  • Increase intelligence and creativity 
  • Healing emotional trauma 


Green Aventurine is a powerful stone that can enhance and bring power to the Heart Chakra energies. To open the Heart Chakra and stabalize emotions place Green Aventurine int he center of your chest surrounded by Clear Quartz, with the points facing outwards.


When you need motivation hold your Green Aventurine close, take a deep breath and give the Aventurine your intentions. This could simply be good luck for the day or success in your career. The stone will hold your intention for when you need it. When needed call on it’s powerful restorative powers and bring motivation and prosperity into your life.


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