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Easy Meditating Guide – How To Make Meditation Part Of Your Daily Routine


If you are a beginner with meditation or you find it hard to sit still and meditate, the following tips will help you to fall in love with meditation and make it a part of your daily routine:

1. Find A Meditation Practice That Suits YOU

If you are a beginner in meditation, sitting quietly for 20 minutes can feel like an eternity of boredom or back pain suffering session infused with all kinds of weird thoughts running through your head.

Therefore, as someone who has been on a spiritual journey for ten years, I would recommend that you start meditating with guided meditations, mala meditation, or mindfulness meditation, as they are much easier, to begin with. 

You can pick a guided meditation that resonates with you, for example, relaxing meditation, visualising meditation, manifesting meditation, intuitive guidance meditation, guided chakra healing meditation. 

It is important that you keep on trying out different meditations until you find the ONE that truly resonates with you.

Mala meditations are a beautiful way to start meditating and fall in love with meditation practice. 

You will need a necklace with 108 beads (mala) that you will use during the meditation in a way that while touching each bead of the mala you speak (chant) a mantra of your choice.

You can practice a mindfulness meditation whenever you can get into a state of being fully present in the moment (like for example, watching a beautiful nature landscape, listening to the bird’s chirp, drinking a cup of warm tea, or looking at the candle flame). 

You can wear jewellery pieces with different affirmations and zen messages to remind you to be more present during the day. 

Once you get into the habit of sitting and taking some quiet time, calming your mind to focus on one thing, and being more present in the moment, it will be much easier for you to start practising silent meditation!

2. Create a Sacred Space For Meditation

When I travelled to India for the first time, I was surprised to see the sacred space for praying & meditation in every home. 

Once I moved to India I realised how much difference it makes when you “enter” the space, dedicated only for this purpose. 

Your subconscious mind immediately connects this space with a place for meditation and prayer and you instantly get into the “meditation mode”. 

Focus during the meditation is much deeper, and you have everything that you need in one place – incense, books, candles, crystals, visual images or objects that help you to focus your mind on meditation, matchsticks, malas, bells, bowls, meditation cushions.

Having a special place for praying and storing sacred books, objects, and anything that you associate with zen, spirituality, and Divine is also a huge benefit of having a sacred space. 

Not to mention the energy vibes you can feel when you are sitting in a space surrounded by all of the spiritual, sacred, high vibe objects, spiritual books, sounds, candle flames, crystals, pilgrimage souvenirs … that you own! 

Having a sacred space will help you to increase the motivation to meditate and also to be more focused during the meditation. 

3. Incense

Incense has been used since ancient times for purifying the air, energy cleanse, and invoking different emotional and consciousness states. 

Burning incense and inhaling particular scents during the meditation can help us to calm our mind, deepen our focus during the meditation, increase the receptivity of our consciousness for intuitive messages and guidance, and let go of negativity. 

Burning dry sage, polo santo sticks, or incense made of sage, polo santo, or sandalwood before meditation helps in clearing the negative energy in the space. 

If you are meditating on particular chakras, you can burn incense related to that chakra to increase the effect of meditation (for example – sandalwood for root chakra, rose for heart chakra, or lavender for third eye chakra). 

If you want to increase your intuition, calm down, and attain the state of deeper inner peace, burning lavender incense can help. 

4. Crystals

Crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, selenite, black obsidian, and lapis lazuli are believed to help attain higher consciousness states, increase intuition, and clearing the negative energy. 

You can place your crystals in your sacred – meditation space, or meditate while holding them in your hand. 

I like to rub the amethyst crystal on my third eye before the meditation or place it on the top of my head while meditating, and I also love using malas made of different crystals. 

You can also wear crystals as a jewellery on your body while meditating or place chakra healing crystals for each chakra on your body while doing chakra healing meditation. 

5. Meditation Cushions

Sitting comfortably during the meditation is a must thing when you are just beginning with your meditation practice. 

A meditation cushion is worthy of the investment as it will help you to meditate for a longer time! 

If you are a beginner with yoga and meditation practice, you may find it hard to sit with your back straight, which can cause the back pain during the meditation and discomfort that can distract you from deep relaxation while meditating. 

In that case, meditate at a place where you can have back support (like wall, door, or bedside).

6. Sounds

If you are trying to practice silent meditation, listening to relaxing sounds of raindrops, ocean waves, birds chirping… or relaxing music in the background can help you to relax and be more present in the moment. 

You can also use Tibetan bowl or bells before and after meditation to relax, or symbolically start and end your meditation practice.

7. Candles and Essential Oils

Staring at the candle flame is also one form of mindfulness meditation. 

If you find it hard to inhale the smoke of incense then essential oils and scented candles can be a good replacement. 

Lavender scent can help you relax, calm your mind, and focus better during the meditation. 

If you are doing chakra healing meditation, you can burn candles of corresponding colours during the meditation, as well as essential oil with the corresponding scent. 

Inhaling a few drops of lavender essential oil on the cotton pad can help you to calm down instantly if you are feeling stressed and get into meditative state faster. 

Many of the spiritual teachers recommend meditating continuously for 21 or 40 days, in order to make meditation a daily habit. 

Habits are formed from rituals, and rituals are formed by actions that we repeat constantly in a specific way. 

Therefore, if you want to meditate daily and make it an effortless habit, just like brushing your teeth first thing when you get up in the morning, creating a meditation practice RITUAL can help you to make that happen faster. 

Associating meditation with particular time of the day (for example morning), with particular place (“sacred” or “meditation” space, meditation cushion), particular scents (for example sage, lavender, sandalwood, polo santo…), particular sound (for example the sound of a Tibetan bowl or relaxing music or a mantra…) will help you to make a daily meditation practice a habit much faster. 

You can create a small ritual that resonates with you around the meditation or includes meditation in your morning ritual, evening ritual before going to bed, or as a part of your daily spiritual practice.

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