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Crystals For Protection

Black Tourmaline

An all round protector

This powerful black stone is used as an all-round protector. It is commonly found and used by many as a form of spiritual protection. This black stone repels lower energies and creates a protective shield around the aura.

It has the ability to deflect and dispel negative energies as it keeps an electric charge.

This dark stone connects with the Root Chakra and ground energies. Whilst protecting against negativity it also grounds and stabilises our energies into Mother Nature.

INTENTION – Place a protective shield around the owner and stop negative energies from entering the aura.


Shields like armour

Labradorite is a reflective stone that protects our auras. This reflective stone is a great way to protect against other peoples negativity and low vibrational energy. Low energies are thought to reflect away from the stone energy and protect the wearer.

INTENTION – Reflect against negative energies and low vibrations.

Black Obsidian

The banishment stone

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone that has been used for years. This deep stone is often used for scrying and protection, its deep coloring resembles vast emptiness and often represent banishment.

Shamans, witches and spiritual workers have often used this stone to remove curses, hexes, and spiritual attachments. This strong stone banishes negative energies and low frequencies back from where they came. This deep stone of reflection can help the owner to reveal any shadow areas of themselves that may be contributing to their low frequencies and banish them as well.

INTENTION – Banish both new and old negative energies

Clear Quartz

The amplifier

This very powerful crystal has a high-frequency vibration making it a very useful crystal. This strong emitting high frequency has the ability to displace and dispel any lower frequencies energies. This Crystal will uplift and protect the wearer whilst strengthening the aura.

It also has the ability to strengthen the power of the crystals around it which makes it a great companion to all other protective stones.

INTENTION – Raise your vibrations and amplify your energies.


The master healer

High spiritual vibration helps to guard against psychic attack.

This stone is often used to encourage psychic ability. Although this crystal opens you up, it also has a very high vibrational energy which protects the owner. This is the stone of higher consciousness and it has the ability to enhance higher states of consciousness and dispel negativity.

INTENTION – Enhance your higher consciousness and open up


Goddess of the moon

Clears away darkness and shadows whilst protecting.

Selenite is known as the goddess of the moon as it gives of an amazing white glow. This powerful stone has the ability to clear away the darkness and shadows. This stone has the ability to clear and align our Chakra Centres, it allows for white protective light to clear away our negativity and fill us with powerful energy.

INTENTION – Heighten vibrational energies and protect with its strong glow of energy

Do you use any of these crystals? Let me know in the comments below.

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