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Cosmic Ordering and Vision Boards

What is cosmic ordering?


Cosmic ordering is essentially a way of thinking positively in order to materialize your desires. Whilst some simple suggest writing down what you wish for and sitting back whilst you wait for it to happen, this is not quiet how it works. Here at Reclaiming Zen we believe there is a lot more to it.

A lot can be said for positive thinking and you definitely need to be in the right frame of mind in order to efficiently work on the life you desire and deserve. This can all seem a little overwhelming to begin with but do not fear, by sitting down and manifesting your thoughts by writing them down is already a big part of the jigsaw puzzle solved. Being able to think about what it is we want means half of the struggle is already over.

By keeping these wishes in mind we can go about our day and make decisions, whether consciously or subconsciously that will propel us towards our desired reality.

What is a vision board?


A visions board is a way of displaying your desired reality. A vision board is simply a visual representation of your desired outcome. It can include different materials, images, quotes, colours and textures.

How do these two things work together?


By having all your wishes and desires on a vision board for you to see everyday we proceed along the right path. Rather than just simply wishing for this outcome and writing it down one time and leaving it in a draw you are now putting he time and effort into assembling a board and viewing it every day. It will be in engraved into your subconscious every day and you can use it to remind you of the decisions you need to make, the things you need to do and the motivation you need to get to where you want to be.

When you THINK and FOCUS on your desires you can grow and manifest the reality you want faster than ever before.


Our top tips

Narrow down your goals:

Try to narrow each part of your desired reality into smaller goals. Think about what you want to accomplish in your life and try to narrow this down into specific things that you can work towards. This way you can attach representations of these specific things to your board and be aware of the steps you need to take to get there.


Stop what you are doing right now. Close your eyes and imagine that you are already in the life that you want. You are really living it. You have everything you want. What are you like as a person? What are you doing? Are you with anyone? What colours do you see? What smells or sounds are there? Once you open your eyes write down on a piece of paper everything that you imagined. This is the first step to your cosmic ordering vision board. You can even attach the vision you have just written to the board or type it out and keep a copy on your phone. Read it regularly and use the information you collected to inspire the materials for your vision board.

Choose a theme:

Vision boards can get a little messy and confusing just like life if there isn’t even just a little bit of planning. You can make many boards so there is no need to squash everything in all at once. It might be
beneficial to work on one area of your life and created a themed board that represents your wishes within this area. Not only will this make things flow better, it will look clear both on the board and in your
mind, keeping things simple and stress free.

Pick a format:

Try not to constrain yourself. Just do whatever feels comfortable to you. You can make a physical board to hang up but you could also make a digital board on your computer or phone. For some people their board may just have materials attached, others may have drawings, images, quotes, affirmations or just words. Do whatever feels right and whatever gives you an outcome that makes you happy and inspired.

It is important to remember that your board is a  representation of YOU, so feel comfortable doing it, feel happy with the outcome and listen to your soul.

I hope that you all enjoy making your vision boards. If anyone is happy to share I would love to hear about your boards, inspiration, motivation and creative ideas in the comments below.



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