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The Spiritual Moon Phases

Harness the power of the moon and allow yourself to flow with each phase. Use the phases of the moon as an energetic calendar for working through current projects, events and emotions.

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Mercury Retrograde

You may have heard about Mercury Retrograde as it seems to be everywhere! Mercury rules communication and whilst things might take more time during Mercury Retrograde there is no need to be worried. Read now to find out what to look out for and how to best use your energies during Mercury Retrograde.

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The Benefits Of Tarot

Tarot is a wonderful way to look inwards and reflect. Tarot can be used for guidance and bringing awareness to situation, it doesn’t have to be a mystical activity, we believe everyone can benefit from Tarot, in the same way that you would listen to a friends perspective on a situation you can use Tarot to unlock a new perspective and think about things more deeply.

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Cosmic Ordering and Vision Boards

Visualisation is powerful and can help us to achieve the life we deserve. Whether this is through cosmic ordering is still questionable but I can promise you that knowing what you want and spending the time to think about it can really impact on the decisions you make and help you take actions that will lead towards these goals.

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