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Mental Health

Using Positive Affirmations to Rewire the Brain

Neuroplasticity is beginning to show how flexible our brains really are and this is very powerful. The way we speak to ourselves matters and it can really impact on our mood. Read more to find out how you can use positive affirmations and mantras today.

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New Year Reflection

People often quickly make new year resolutions and spend little time reflecting upon the previous year. I challenge you to sit down for five minutes and think about how you have been this year, what you have learnt and things you wish to continue and carry on into the next year.

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Stop Negative Thinking Today!

Our minds are powerful and we are around them all day. Negative thinking is very easy to do and takes time to undo. With practice you can stop negative thinking today and begin to shift into more positive thinking patterns.

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10 Things That You Never Need To Apologise For

Apologising is a complex part of human interactions and whilst it is definitely needed and fine to say, some of us are saying it for the wrong reasons, trying to take blame for things that we shouldn’t. If you always seem to be apologising read now to find out our top 10 things you shouldn’t be apologising for!

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How Do You Measure The Quality Of Your Day?

Do you measure the quality of your day by the amount of things you have got done? The number of tasks you have managed to tick of? I challenge you to measure your day based on how you have been as a person and think about how you want to be!

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