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How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself

Self-love is defined as “love of self” and “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness”.  If we Google the synonyms for the term “self-love” we will get the words like “egoistic”, “selfish”, “egomaniacal”, “egotistical”, “arrogance”, “immodesty”, “narcism”?(!)?  In my work with hundreds of women internationally as a life coach, I could see that women are

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What To Do When You Feel Stuck

What To Do When You Feel Stuck

It happens to all of us. Hell, it happened to me yesterday when I sat down to write this newsletter to you, and I sat staring at a blank screen, stuck about what to write. Common advice to writers is to “write what you know”, and yesterday, it meant writing about being stuck. So here

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What Do We Do With Our Grief

What Do We Do With Our Grief?

“Grief wipes you out. I admire people who find a peace with loss or find a spiritual concept that helps long-term.
I am not one of those people. I question and struggle.
While I have moments of insight and universal connectivity, I have similar moments of despair and isolation.
I don’t have any special wisdom about death or grief healing, but I accept the ugliness of wrestling with constant grief.
I believe the key to a meaningful life is to be honest and accepting of who you are in the moment.
In those honest moments, a release of pain is possible.”

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How to Deal With a Toxic Relationship

We spend so much time with our families and the people we care about. It can be difficult when relationships break down or become toxic. Read more to find out how to deal with any toxic relationships within your life.

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