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6 Crystals For Success

With summer in full swing, I began to realize that I was enjoying the sun and focusing a little less on my intentions and goals. I decided that it is time to harness the power of my top 6 crystals for success. I’m sure that I am not the only one who sees the sun

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White Opal is a fantastic crystal for connecting with higher vibrations, clearing the aura and feeling energized. Read now to find out all about White Opal!

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6 Top Mindful Crystals

Are you being mindful? With practice living a mindful life can come easily but whats the harm in accepting a little boost in energy from crystals. Here are my top 6 crystals to help you on yo live a mindful life!

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Crystals For Protection

We are all able to protect our energies by focusing our intentions, being aware of our emotions, reactions and inner states, regularly meditating and realising that we are in control of our energies. Here are my top crystals to help you protect your energies.

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Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye is a fantastic stone for grounding your energies and centering yourself. Use this protective stone to feel, confident sociable and stable. Read more to find out about all its properties and uses!

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Selenite is a beautiful stone that easily cleanses and clears energy. This white stone is often used to connect with angelic energies and clear away any stagnant lower frequencies. Read more to find out all about the uses of this powerful stone today!

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The Geology Of Crystals

We all love crystals but do you know how they are formed and where they come from? Read now to find out a little bit more about the journey your crystals have taken to get to you.

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How To Cleanse Crystals

Your crystals look after you with an unlimited supply of energy, so it is beneficial for you to also look after them and allow them to work efficiently. Read now to find out our top ways of cleansing your crystals and giving them a boost.

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Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a fantastic stone for protecting, grounding and reflecting. This powerful stone can dispel negativity and protect your aura. Read now to find out more amazing uses.

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This positive nourishing stone is the birthstone of July and it brings passion, energy and security. Read more to find out more amazing properties of this stone.

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