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Looking Forward

After having a traumatic life with a lot of unfortunate situations and later mental health issues how can I not live in the past. When I live spiritually my life is a lot better. I have had to cut people out of my life and now I feel as though I am a bad person. I think I am sensitive to other people and I love crystals maybe I could use crystals to help with protection. Please can I have some life advice.

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What Is Your Ability?

What is my ability? What is my gift? So many of us ask this question and often find it hard to know where to start when searching for an answer.

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A Troubled Life

Has God forgotten about me? How do i bring good energy into my life? How do i get my life and relationships into the right direction and how do i let go and move on?

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A Rocky Mother Son Relationship

I am living at home with my mother. We have got on well for most of my life and we do sometimes have a great time together but recently things have changed. A lot of the time she is upset and angry about different things. She tries to talk to me about these things but she ends up getting angry at me as though these things are my fault. This means that every conversation becomes an argument, this is making me no longer want to spend time with her and I feel guilty for this. What should I do?

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Integrating Meditation Into Your Day

I am currently meditating daily and I have been getting better at focusing my attention and meditating for longer periods of time. During meditation I feel relaxed and open to spiritual energies. I often feel as though i leave my spiritual activities behind as I go about my day. How do i take what I have learnt and feel during meditation and apply this to my day?

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Creating A Healthy Interaction With Your Mother

My mother and I have not always had the best of relationships and recently it has come to my attention that I don’t think it ever will. For a larger part of my adult life she has just simply refused to truly see me and in the past I have tried my best to repair things only for the outcome to be the same.

I guess what I am asking is how do I interact with her in a way that’s healthy for me?

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