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The Benefits Of Tarot

Tarot is a wonderful way to look inwards and reflect. Tarot can be used for guidance and bringing awareness to situation, it doesn’t have to be a mystical activity, we believe everyone can benefit from Tarot, in the same way that you would listen to a friends perspective on a situation you can use Tarot to unlock a new perspective and think about things more deeply.

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The Geology Of Crystals

We all love crystals but do you know how they are formed and where they come from? Read now to find out a little bit more about the journey your crystals have taken to get to you.

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Goddess Pose

This fantastic pose is great for the back and a good one to incorporate into your yoga flow. Read more to find all the benefits of this pose and how to do it safely.

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How To Cleanse Crystals

Your crystals look after you with an unlimited supply of energy, so it is beneficial for you to also look after them and allow them to work efficiently. Read now to find out our top ways of cleansing your crystals and giving them a boost.

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From Association To Enlightenment

Our intentions are powerful and so is our environment. As creatures of habit we believe that it is easy to use any item as a way to encourage enlightenment and help you on your spiritual path. Through association we can reminder ourselves of our powerful intentions throughout the day.

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Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a fantastic stone for protecting, grounding and reflecting. This powerful stone can dispel negativity and protect your aura. Read now to find out more amazing uses.

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The Chakra Colors

Color is all around us and it is powerful. In this blog we will be looking at the chakra colors and the different energies they bring.

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This positive nourishing stone is the birthstone of July and it brings passion, energy and security. Read more to find out more amazing properties of this stone.

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This beautiful peacock colored stone is known for its ability open us up, shift stagnant energies and encourage self expression. Read now to find out more about this truly stunning crystal.

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What Are Spiritual Psychic Chills?

I was curious to see if anyone else had experienced these psychic chills. I took to Reddit to see what others had to say and I did some research to see if there was any explanations out there!

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