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Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye is a fantastic stone for grounding your energies and centering yourself. Use this protective stone to feel, confident sociable and stable. Read more to find out about all its properties and uses!

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Selenite is a beautiful stone that easily cleanses and clears energy. This white stone is often used to connect with angelic energies and clear away any stagnant lower frequencies. Read more to find out all about the uses of this powerful stone today!

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What Are Mala Beads?

Malasare traditionally used as part of Japa meditation, but more recently their uses have expanded to other spiritual practices such as yoga. We believe that you do not need to be religious to use mala beads as they can be a reminder of your spiritual intentions throughout the day.

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Mercury Retrograde

You may have heard about Mercury Retrograde as it seems to be everywhere! Mercury rules communication and whilst things might take more time during Mercury Retrograde there is no need to be worried. Read now to find out what to look out for and how to best use your energies during Mercury Retrograde.

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The Benefits Of Tarot

Tarot is a wonderful way to look inwards and reflect. Tarot can be used for guidance and bringing awareness to situation, it doesn’t have to be a mystical activity, we believe everyone can benefit from Tarot, in the same way that you would listen to a friends perspective on a situation you can use Tarot to unlock a new perspective and think about things more deeply.

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The Geology Of Crystals

We all love crystals but do you know how they are formed and where they come from? Read now to find out a little bit more about the journey your crystals have taken to get to you.

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Goddess Pose

This fantastic pose is great for the back and a good one to incorporate into your yoga flow. Read more to find all the benefits of this pose and how to do it safely.

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How To Cleanse Crystals

Your crystals look after you with an unlimited supply of energy, so it is beneficial for you to also look after them and allow them to work efficiently. Read now to find out our top ways of cleansing your crystals and giving them a boost.

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From Association To Enlightenment

Our intentions are powerful and so is our environment. As creatures of habit we believe that it is easy to use any item as a way to encourage enlightenment and help you on your spiritual path. Through association we can reminder ourselves of our powerful intentions throughout the day.

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