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What Is The Om?

You may have noticed this symbol everywhere, but do you know what it means? Learn about the meaning of this powerful symbol and how you can use it to harness powerful energy within your life.

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Capricorn: Traits Dates Relationships And Careers

Charming, practical and always striving for more. Are you a Capricorn or do you know one?Capricorns read more to find out about the personality traits you might want to encourage and those to look out for. Non-Capricorns use this information to see what you can learn from the Capricorn way.

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White Opal is a fantastic crystal for connecting with higher vibrations, clearing the aura and feeling energized. Read now to find out all about White Opal!

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6 Top Mindful Crystals

Are you being mindful? With practice living a mindful life can come easily but whats the harm in accepting a little boost in energy from crystals. Here are my top 6 crystals to help you on yo live a mindful life!

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The Spiritual Moon Phases

Harness the power of the moon and allow yourself to flow with each phase. Use the phases of the moon as an energetic calendar for working through current projects, events and emotions.

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