Top 10 Apps To Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

Top 10 Apps To Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

December 05, 2018

This is my top 10 spiritual apps right now. I love the idea of using technology to help me on my way to enlightenment, to help me relax, live mindfully and at ease. This is not a sponsored blog these are the apps that I use regularly and I really believe can help you on your spiritual journey in today's technology based world!

Whilst we should all try to get outside a little more there is no reason why we cannot use technology to our advantage and incorporate it into our spiritual journey. So many of us carry our phones around with us all day every day. I am sure there are a few of you that feel a little lost without there phone - it definitely takes me a few minutes of adjusting if I leave my phone behind. 

With constant push notifications, reminders and instant contact our phones can quickly begin to take over and the more reactive we are to our phones the more stress they may bring us. Taking control of your phone time and using your phone apps to enhance your spiritual journey can help you to live more mindfully and feel more relaxed.

Social Media, immediate contact and constant attention definitely leads me to feeling more stressed. I have made my fair few mistakes, I am guilty of finding myself comparing my life to others on social media, to reply too quickly when emotions are heightened rather than mindfully staying calm and I have definitely left messages and emails to pile up until they feel me with dread. 

I made a few changes to align myself and my phone behaviour on my spiritual journey. By incorporating certain apps and taking the extra time to be conscious about my phone use I was able to feel happier and a lot more relaxed about using my phone.

I only follow updates from my friends, family and accounts that uplift my mood. I limit my social media usage and rather than reacting to every notification I choose when I want to interact with my phone - I do not let my phone distract my attention from other tasks.

 Dive in and take a look at my top 10 apps, let us known in the comments below which apps you use.

1. Headspace

This might just be one of the most popular meditation Apps and I understand why - It is great! This app is fantastic as it makes meditation easy and educates those who may be at the very beginning of their meditation journey. There are meditations for everyone on this app to help with mindfulness, anxiety, stress and sleep for example. 

I love this app as it has so much on it, after trying the free trial I did move onto to pay for it and I love all of the meditations especially the sleeping ones. Another great thing about this app is the ability to have reminders and widgets on your device, these widgets show very nice mindful messages.

Click here for Headspace

Price: Free for the ten day trial and then paid

Device: Apple and Android

2. My Affirmations

I love this app because it allows a widget to be added to your home screen and this widget changes between different positive affirmations. Within the app you are able to pick your affirmations, write your own and record your own affirmations. 

This really is a great way to reconnect you every time you open your phone. Seeing a positive affirmations on my home screen allows me to pause and really think and feel good.

Price: Free + Premium option that removes and adds a few more features.

Device: Android Only

3. Spiritual Stories Daily

Now this app has a number of amazing features but I must say my absolute favourite is the ability to set ringtones and alarm clocks. Since finding this app I love my alarm going off and chanting Aum it is just so much more relaxing and I even leave my alarm running so that I can listen to the tone.

I also love the daily spiritual stories, they are short, easy to read and definitely a nice thing to carry with you throughout the day.

Price: Free + Paid to remove ads

Device: Android Only

4. My Phone Time

This app tracks your phone usage and allows you to see how often you are using your phone, what apps you are using and for how long. I downloaded this app with the aim to educate myself about my own phone use.

In today's society so many of us are attached to our phones and spend hours upon hours on our devices without even realising it. This app will allow you to monitor your own phone behaviour and this will put you in a better position to make changes. The more information we know about our time spent on our phone the more we can monitor and adjust.

Price: Free

Device: Android Only

5. Keep Yoga

I am fairly new to this App but I love it!  The layout is amazing, it is easy to follow and very easy to use. This App is fantastic for beginning Yoga and practising any where. 

The different plans are easily labelled with a yoga level and this makes it easy for both beginners and regular yogis. The explore section is amazing and allows many different yoga sequences to help with different aspects of life. 

If the App couldn't get any better it has a wonderful medal system, calorie counter, timer and training history. 

Price: Free

Device: Android and Apple

6. Daylio

This is a fantastic mood tracker! It is very easy to use and fun as well. To track your mood all you have to do is click on the face that matched your mood. You can change the word underneath each face to match your own expression or leave them as they are. Within the app you can review all of your entries across the months and use these statistics to assess your mood, you can easily export this data into a document. 

I love this app because it doesn't just track your mood, you can also save an item or text alongside your mood which allows you too add a little more detail.

You can set reminders which I have found very useful as it works as a reminder to recenter myself and assess my feelings. 

Price: Free + Paid extras

Device: Android and Apple

7. Reiki Healing Affirmations

I love love love this app. I use this App when I don't want to say my own mantras, it is quick and easy to use. This amazing app allows you to listen to a sequence of mantras and you are able to pick the repetitions and the speed. 

I love to listen to these whilst I brush my teeth as I am able to listen to the mantra and repeat it back to myself in my head. It is a great things to put on whilst in the bath, cleaning or walking, before listening to anything else these mantras can quickly slot in and uplift your spirit.

Price: Free

Device: Android Only

8. Insight Timer

This is a fantastic app for guided spiritual meditation. I love finding new meditations to complete on this app and saving them to my favorites. 

This app allows you to customize your meditations so they really are perfect for you. When meditating everyday I love the option of many different places and apps to go to for meditations. This app has such a wide variety that I never find myself without a meditation.

Price: Free + Paid subscription to listen offline

Device: Android and Apple

9. Gaia

I was so happy when I found Gaia, it is just full of interesting documentaries and series. It is bursting with information that can help you on your spiritual journey. One thing I really love about Gaia is that it allows you to find spiritual teachers and individuals that you may not have heard of and allows you to then research them further in your own time. It has plenty of Tai Chi and Yoga classes that you can complete and stream from your phone. 

Price: Paid

Device: Android and Apple

10. Jiyo

Deepak Chopra is the co-creator, do i need to say anymore! I am fairly new to this app but it really is fantastic. This great holistic health and well-being app is a place where people can share their experiences.

This great community is a fantastic place to find inspiration and share our own spiritual content in order to help others. I love how easy it is to use this app and how uplifting it is to see real people sharing real stories, experiences and motivation for others. 

Within the app you can follow practices, listen to guided meditations, track health, read articles and watch videos by experts. 

Price: Free

Device: Android and Apple

Which apps do you use to help you with your spiritual practice? Let us know in the comments below, share you experiences and help out a fellow reader!

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