January 30, 2018

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Grounding - Protecting - Realigning

The strong clear energy of Black Tourmaline makes it a powerful healing crystal. The most commonly found Tourmaline is Schorl. Ancient Shamans relied on Black Tourmaline to protect them from earth demons. It's name comes from an ancient Sinhalese word turmali which means mixed color precious stone.

   Location:   Mined in India,Brazil, China and Russia

     System:   Trigonal, microcrystalline

     Rarity:   Common variety of massive Quartz

    Lustre:   Vitreous

     Hardness:  7

     Identification: They can be identified by the metallic sparkly flecks

Healing Powers

  • It is a very strong healing stone and this can be shown when it is heated up.
  • On heating, black Tourmaline becomes negatively charged at one end and positively charged at the other.
  • This shows the stones ability to balance out extremes and its powerful properties.

Needless of Black Tourmaline can also be found embedded in clear Quartz called Tourmalinated or Tourmalated Quartz

Properties and Uses

Tourmaline deflects potential harm and protects from negative forces as it is able to dispel negative energies around it. Connecting to the earth it is often used for protection during spiritual activities. 


  • Realigns the structure of the body
  • Grounds stabilizes and anchors
  • soothes and settles bones and muscles
  • Connects to the Root Chakra
  • Focuses awareness in the present
  • Strengthens our grip on reality 
  • Creates a shield of protection


Try wearing Tourmaline earrings to relieve tinnitus and earache.

Place a piece under your pillow to get restful sleep especially in unfamiliar places.

Take a piece on your travel to reduce tiredness, jet lag, and disorientation.

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