Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

August 16, 2018


This beautiful brown and gold stone is a member of the Quartz family as it is made from the rock-forming mineral amphibole.  This ancient stone has been used a a protecting guardian for many years. 

   Loc ation:   Found in South Africa

     System:   Trigonal

     Rarity:   Common

    Lustre:   Vitreous

     Hardness:  7

     Identification:  When light reflects off the fibres in the stone the stripes of brown and gold often look as though they move.

Healing Powers

- Soothes physically and mentally.

- Releases stuck or congested states.

- Stabilises with practicality and reality.

- Increases strength during healing.

- Used to focus a scattered mind. 

Properties and Uses

Tiger's Eye is a strong stone that has been used throughout time to protect against the Evil Eye. 

Tiger's Eye: 

-  Diverts unwanted energy

- Builds confidence

- Encourages social behaviour

-  Encourages luck

- Brings insight


When meditating use Tiger's Eye at the Root, Sacral or Solar Plexus Chakra to draw in grounding energy. Try meditating with Tiger's Eye or placing it on your desk for help with problems, making practical and realistic decisions and solutions. 

The Creation

As a member of the Quartz family, Tiger's Eye consists of the mineral amphibole (usually Crocidolte). 

Crocidolite gives Quartz a blue/green sheen and produces the stone Falcon's Eye. 

If these oxidize Tiger's Eye is created with the gold/brown color.

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