August 10, 2018


This stunning white stone is named after Selenite, the Greek goddess of the moon. Its luminous white light glow resembles the moon. It is known to unblock stagnant energy and release emotions.

   Location:   Mined from all over the world, notably Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar

     System:   Monoclinic

     Rarity:   Very common

    Lustre:   Vitreous  to Pearly

     Hardness:  2

     Identification: Fibrous white massive forms are called satin spar. Round rosette-like forms are called desert roses.

Healing Powers

  • Releases blocked emotions.
  • Cleanses and shift stagnant energy.
  • Shifts resentment, anger and grudges.
  • Balances and stabilises your body and emotions

Selenite is a gem-quality form of the mineral gypsum. Gypsum was formed by the evaporation of ancient seas and salt-water lakes. This magical stone hints at its origin in its watery-clear finish.

Properties and Uses

Selenite can be used to connect with higher realms. Its beautiful white light glow helps us to feel its protective energies and open up spiritually.

Clear Quartz:

  • Removes stagnant energies and blockages
  • Clears away darkness
  • Expands our consciousness and brings clarity
  • Helps us to avoid difficulty
  • Protects us from psychic attack
  • Encourages spiritual connection
  • Encourages love and forgiveness 


Using a Selenite wand can help to release any energies that have become stored up throughout the day. as you hold the Selenite imagine your troubles coming out and flowing through the crystal where they will be transformed into light energy. 


Selenite is very soft and it can be easily scratched. It is extremely soluble making it sensitive to water and humidity.

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