June 28, 2018

Opening - Shifting - Protecting

This stunning iridescent stone is known for its combination of beautiful colors. It's beautiful peacock blue color connects with the Throat Chakra. This powerful stone is a rare feldspar that was named after the region of Canada where it was discovered.

   Loc ation:   Mined from Canada, Finland, Australia, Sicily, Norway and Ukraine

     System:   Triclinic

     Rarity:   Common

    Lustre:   Vitreous

     Hardness:  6 - 6.5

     Identification:  Identified by it's multicolored gray, green, yellow, orange and peacock blue surface

Healing Powers

  • Protects against draining energies. 
  • Used to increase the hands' sensitivity. 
  • Used to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Good for lungs, digestions and metabolism.

Properties and Uses

This stunning stone is known for its magnificent iridescence which is caused by light bouncing off inclusions of magnetite. This unique effect is known as 'labradorecence'.


  • Increases our ability to focus on personal issues.
  • Encourages us to take opportunities.
  • Helps us to be around others difficult emotions or moods. 
  • Increases our ability to shift awareness. 
  • The iridescence acts as a reflective shield and this protects the wearer's aura. 
  • It brings out the best in people It allows for effective communication.


Labradorite stimulates blue energy which links to the throat chakra and opens us to express ourselves freely and communicate. Use this stone during meditation to release any negative energy from the body.

Similar to Labradorite

Larvikite and Spectrolite

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