February 12, 2018

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Fluorite is known as the multi-colored Genius stone and represents the highest state of mental achievement. Drawing in Prana this stone increases clarity, self-love and spiritual awareness.

     Loc ation:   Mined in India,Brazil, China and Russia

     System:  Trigonal, microcrystalline

     Rarity:   Common variety of massive Quartz

      Lustre:   Vitreous

    Hardness:  7

    Identification:  They can be identified by the metallic sparkly flecks

Healing Powers

  • Encourages a sense of self worth. 
  • Supports healthy bone tissue and physical structure of organs. 
  • Fluorite is believed to reduce all of your tension and anxiety. 

Properties and Uses

Fluorite is a protective stone and helps with mental clarity during spiritual practice.   Fluorite was the first mineral to show Fluorescent under certain lighting and this is where it gets it name from.


  • Encourages innovation and invention.
  • Helps to master physical skills.
  • Helps planning and coordinating. 
  • Gets rid of electromagnetic fog.
  • Helps to bring structure into your life.
  • Increases confidence.
  • Supports a break away from rigid patterns of behavior and thinking. 

Types of Fluoride

Fluorite is identified by its stepped cubes that look like miniature cities.

-Multicolored:  A combination of energies that promote flexibility and free thinking

-Magenta:  Stone of the heart and inner truth

-Yellow: Increases learning, creativity and intentions

-Blue:  Balance emotions and connect to the Throat Chakra

-Purple: Strengthens psychic and spiritual awareness

-Pink: Stone of positivity and love

-Green: Healing stone that promotes self-love

-Black: Used to clear negative energy 

-Clear:  Purification and psychic clarity


1.  Place a larger Fluorite crystal in your workspace to help with orderliness

2.Try carrying Fluorite somewhere on your upper body to improve coordination. 

3. Place Fluorite beside your bed to find new ideas whilst you sleep

4. Use Fluorite pyramids during meditation to help mental clarity.

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