April 10, 2018

Brilliance - Purity - Connectivity

The stone of April. This strong and powerful crystal has the ability to amplify all energies. It is a sign of strength, purity and courage. Diamond connects to Universal Power, clears the aura and fills it with light. 

     Location:   Originally found along the river or beach but now they are mined from volcanic igneous rock kimberlite in South Africa, Siberia and Australia.

     System:  Cubic

     Rarity:  Less  Common

      Lustre:   Vitreous to Adamantine

    Hardness:  10

    Identification: Poor quality diamonds are octahedral in shape and often have convex sides.

Healing Powers

  • Detoxifies on all levels
  • Rebalances the skull, jaw and spine
  • Removes negativity and energy blocks
  • Clears emotional and mental pain
  • Should be avoided in cases of psychosis, depression and jealousy as it amplifies all emotional states.

Properties and Uses

Diamond is a powerful stone that carries a high frequency. It connects and opens up all of the Chakras.


  • Enables us to withstand adversity.
  • Gives us invincible inner strength.
  • Signifies honor and pure intention.
  • Powerful enough to drive away evil and bring good fortune.
  • Transforms sluggish and mundane thought processes into a broader universal view.
  • Support meditation and spiritual ventures.
  • Connects and creates bonds.

Types of Diamond

Yellow - Makes us more considerate and thoughtful

Blue - Strengthens our willpower and inspires us to take better care of our health.

Black - Gives us courage to look within without any illusions

Pink - Used for creative expression.


Diamond is a great crystal to use during meditation for protection, healing and drawing in light energy. This powerful crystal can amplify the direction of other crystals energies. It is so strong it should be worn with calming crystals.

Similar Stones

Cubic Zirconia

Herkimer Diamond

Clear Zicon

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