November 06, 2017

Ask A Guru

Ask a Guru is a blog that will answer YOUR questions. Whether these are about relationships, destiny, philosophy, spiritual experiences, haunting, crystals or just for some support, we are here and we want to listen!

All you have to do is send us an email with your question. Our Reclaiming Zen Guru will then respond as an blog post where we can all support one another via the comments. Don't worry it can be anonymous!

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Crystal Corner

Each week we will be delving into a different crystal. We will look at some general information about the crystals, their spiritual meaning and unique properties. We give some practicals for you to try out with each crystal.


This blog will include information about yoga and our own personal yoga journey. The benefits of different poses and how yoga can help your body. We will discuss the different types of yoga and explore together.


This blog represents the Root Chakra and our foundation and feeling of being grounded. We cover topics such as health, diet, nutrition, exercise, yoga, healing, acupuncture and being physically healthy. 

Emotional Health

This blog represents the sacral chakra and our ability to accept and connect with others. We cover topics such as our connections with others, relationships, selflessly helping others and connecting to our emotional selves.

Mental Health

This blog represents the solar plexus chakra and our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. We cover topics such as mental health, mindfulness, habits, mental pattern, thinking, self-discipline and personal power.

Spiritual Health

This blog represents the heart chakra and our ability to love and grow We cover topics such as forgiveness, compassion, merkaba, chakras, empathy, love, meditation and the use of crystals.

Philosophy and Teachings

This blog represents the throat chakra and our ability to communicate and spread teachings. We cover topics such ancient teachings, religions, time, emerald tablets, celestial, astrology, and conspiracy theories.

The Third Eye Cosmos

This blog represents the third eye chakra and our ability to focus on the bigger picture. We cover topics such as the elements, geometry, patterns, relativity, sacred geometry, physics, astronomy, math and quantum physics.

Beyond Enlightenment

This blog represents the crown chakra and our ability to connect spiritually. We cover topics such spiritual awakening, connecting with who you are, reflecting and growing, astral travel and astral planes.

All Things Zodiac

We wanted to keep the Zodiac information easy to find so we have separated it from our Third Eye Cosmos blog. Here we will talk about Astrology and the 12 different Zodiacs. The personality types and each of the Zodiac in daily life. Everyone is welcome to comment and share their opinions and experiences.