Which Element Is Your Zodiac?

Which Element Is Your Zodiac?

April 30, 2018

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Your Zodiac And The Elements

There is 12 different Zodiac signs based on the 12 constellation. If you do not know your zodiac sign click here to read our article: The 12 Zodiac.

Here is a quick reminder of the 12 Zodiac signs and their characteristics:

Aries     -  The Ram: A driven leader that is assertive with a healthy ego.

Taurus    -  The Bull: Independent with a stubborn and focused perseverance. 

Gemini    - The Twins: Intellectually see both sides with good communication.

Cancer    - The Crab: Love their home, nurturing and family traditions.

Leo       - The Lion: Creative strong and ambitious.

Virgo     - The Maiden/Virgin: Pay attention to detail and practicability. 

Libra      - The Scales: Create harmony balance and equilibrium.

Scorpio   -  The Scorpion: Strong desire, determination and never back down.

Sagittarius-  The Centaur Archer: Intellectuals that are always prepared.

Capricorn -  The Goat: Maintains organisation and works hard until succeeding.

Aquarius  - The Water Bearer: Humanitarian here to change the world.

Pisces    -  The Fish: Views different perspectives with compassion and imagination. 

The Elements 

Each of the Zodiac signs also has a specific element either Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

The use of the elements dates back to the Greek period where they related to body types ad humors. The famous psychologist Carl Jung developed Jungian Astrology which consisted of these 4 types and relates to the Greek understanding of these 4 elements. 

Fire is thought of as direct action and doing, Earth is believed to be grounded and practical, Air is the intellectual thinkers and Water is the emotions and feelings. 

Each of the Elements is split into 3 the cardinal, the mutable and the fixed. The cardinal is the starter, the mutable is always in a state of changing and the fixed is not changing.

Which One Are You? 

The Fire Signs

The Cardinal Fire: Aries

The Mutable Fire: Sagittarius

The Fixed Fire: Leo

The Earth Signs

The Cardinal Earth: Capricorn

The Mutable Earth: Virgo

The Fixed Earth: Taurus

The Air Signs

The Cardinal Air: Libra

The Mutable Air: Gemini

The Fixed Air: Aquarius

The Water Signs

The Cardinal Water: Cancer

The Mutable Water: Pisces

The Fixed Water: Scorpio

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