The Fire Element Signs

The Fire Element Signs

April 30, 2018

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The Fire Elements

There are 3 Zodiac Signs that hold the element Fire. These are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Each sign is a different way of manifesting fire and direct action. These signs are doers, Fire burns and it doesn't stop to think about what is next, it is just pure and fast action. Once a Fire starts it keeps going and it keeps completing the action and doing.  All 3 of the signs share the idea of Fire and heat in different stages, perspectives and development. 

Aries     -  The Ram: A driven leader that is assertive with a healthy ego.

Leo       - The Lion: Creative strong and ambitious.

Sagittarius-  The Centaur Archer: Intellectuals that are always prepared.


Aries is the cardinal fire sign. These individuals are enthusiastic, this is the sign of the fire starters; the ones who get things going. Aries are not afraid to get things going,  jump into new things and work things out as they go along. Although there is a lot of energy this energy often wears out and fizzles. These individuals burn fast and run out. They have some difficulty in finishing things that they start. Depicted as a bonfire that rages with energy to begin with and then runs out. 


Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. These individuals are not the ones to start but they sustain. This sign gains perspective by sustaining things. Sagittarius view things from far away. Compared to a raging fire this is like the fire from a distant star, a cool fire. This fire has distance and fades away but it is sustained in our conscious more like inspiration.  Depicted as the fire of a star with a bright shine in the distance.


Leo is the fixed fire sign. These individuals keep going and are immovable. Like the Summer Sun they hold their position and always show up. These individuals are very loyal and their fire comes from the heart. This is a fixed fire that holds its warmth and shines no matter what. Depicted as the fire of the heart that never fades or goes out.

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