The Earth Element Signs

The Earth Element Signs

April 30, 2018

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The Earth Elements

There are 3 Zodiac Signs that hold the element Earth. These are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Each sign is a different way of manifesting practicality. These signs are doers. The earth represents being grounded and practical. The Earth moves with purpose and each step has good reason,  practicality, and use.The Earth is associated with sensing and the real world. All 3 signs share the idea of Earth in different stages, the practical world and all things we can feel, think about and engage in.

Taurus    -    The Bull: Independent with a stubborn and focused perseverance. 

Virgo     -        The Maiden/Virgin: Pay attention to detail and practicability. 

Capricorn -  The Goat: Maintains organisation and works hard until succeeding


Taurus is the fixed Earth sign. The Bull is stubborn and fixed, when it wants to be moving forward and charging nothing can stop it and when it wants to stand in place it is immovable. These individuals are like the Bull their stubborn nature helps them in all that they do. Once they have made up their minds nothing will stop them or change it. This makes these people very reliable and dependable people. Fixed energy is unstoppable, determined and nothing will stop it.  


Virgo represents the mutable Earth sign. This is the least Earthy signs in some ways as it is so light. The Virgos represent the process of thinking philosophically which is related the Air signs but this thinking is only involved with practical use and that is what makes this a Earth Sign. This flexible use of practicality. These individuals are always analyzing, looking for use and what needs to be done. This makes these people very good at sorting and organizing life.


Capricorn represents the cardinal Earth sign. This is the initiating and moving sign. This may be strange to think of in terms of Earth but it is much like the Goat that it is represented by. The mountain Goat moves up the mountain and does not step in the wrong place. These individuals are ambitious and always strive to move forward and upwards.These people have their feet steadily on the ground and carefully assess which steps to to take in order to climb. 

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