The Air Element Signs

The Air Element Signs

May 30, 2018

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The Air Elements

There are 3 Zodiac Signs that hold the element Air. These are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Each sign is a different way of manifesting thought and intelligence. These signs are thinkers. The air represents having our heads up in the clouds, daydreaming and thinking deeply about everything. Air moves freely around it is not so grounded and focuses less on the physical and more on the imagination. All 3 signs share the idea of Air in different stages, the mind and the different ways it processes and perceives information.

Gemini    -    The Twins: Practical and curious with great communication abilities.

Libra     -        The Scales: They create balance and harmony with justice.     

Aquarius -  The Water Bearer: Humanitarians here to create a better world.


Aquarius is the fixed Air sign. This sign is often considered the weirdest of all zodiac signs. They are a little wacky and very unique just like someone with a huge imagination would be. This fixed air sign represents air with no moisture in it, unable to conduct electricity. This represents the use of emotions within our thoughts. Aquarius is very focused on the ideas that are carried with intellect and considered one of the most intellectual signs. This fixed air sign is concerned with taking airy ideas and making them fixed conclusions. They often look at universal truths and principles, taking ideas that people may consider impossible and making them a reality. Aquarius will take ideas further than ever imagined, beyond emotion and consider biggest picture. Aquarius as the fixed air sign is focused on universal questions.


Gemini represents the mutable Air sign. This is the element that is always in motion, changing and adapting. This sign is known for being serious one minute and funny the next. This quick changing nature matches that of flexible air, moving freely and smartly This sign is known for being clever and always on the move. This carefree flexibility works with this signs ability to communicate and understand many points of view. With an always changing nature this sign is able to understand others emotions well and adapt to opposite opinions. Gemini as the mutable air sign is focused on constant interaction.


Libra represents the cardinal Air sign. This is the balancing of our thoughts and the ability to weigh them against one another. This sign often engages other signs to try and find a balance. This sign represents relationships of the inner and outer within ourselves, being able to match our inner and outer expectations. These signs work to bring balance and this makes them amazing hosts as they are so attentive to others needs. Libra as the cardinal air sign is focused on balance.

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