Charming Capricorn

Charming Capricorn

January 06, 2019

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Where to begin with Capricorns, individuals with Capricorn as their Sun Sign are hard working individuals are very practical and also complex. Whilst they are charming and able to control any situation these individuals can also get very shy at times and little anxious about some social situations.

A practical straight talking go-getter that's always striving for more.

How to spot a Capricorn

  • They  are very practical
  • Capricorns can be very charming individuals but can also get shy
  • They are smarter than you think
  • They always strive for more
  • Capricorns aren't afraid to butt heads
  • They sometimes get lost in thought
  • They love to learn and teach others!
  • Capricorns can be a little creepy sometimes.
  • They get to the point - quickly
  • They are not afraid to show their moods

Top Qualities

Capricorns are very hard working, they will always give everything a go and rarely expect help from others.  Capricorns are extremely ambitious people and great at motivating others. They get things done and do not wait around for the right time.

Capricorns are Earth signs and this makes them very practical, they have the ability to make things happen and turn ideas into concrete plans. When a Capricorn see's something that they like or want to try they make it happen, they will buy everything they need and give it a go as soon as possible. This is fantastic when they try new hobbies and find things they really love doing. 

Capricorns give great advice and they are usually fantastic listeners. As good listeners they often remember a lot of detail, by carefully taking in all the information they are able to give practical advice with possible solutions. As a Earth sign they often give great advice that is direct, to the point and very practical without being too harsh.

These individuals are often very ambitious and love to strive for more in everything they do. Capricorns like to have solid goals to strive towards and achieve. This means that thy work will in a job they can progress in, keep at hobbies until they see improvements and manage their money well. Capricorns have great management skills and they are often able to save their money and put it towards something they really want.

As Earth signs Capricorns are extremely practical and logical about everything they do. They will often think in a very logical way and other peoples way of thinking and emotional input can sometimes be a little confusing to them. When they can so easily cut through to logical answers the rest of the worlds way of thinking can be hard to come to grips with sometimes.

Capricorns are very charming individuals, as great listeners they are often able to make witty jokes and really have meaningful conversations. They make people laugh and they are fun to be around. Carrying a more forceful energy, these individuals are often noticed, they are able to ooze confidence when they want to and really are smooth talkers. Capricorns are not afraid to butt heads and unfortunately this strong energy is often noticed even when the individual is not in such a welcoming mood. Not afraid to share their emotional state, these individuals are also able to make situations very awkward and uncomfortable by being so forward. Luckily this transparency also makes them, for some, very easy to get along with and understand how they feel.

Things to watch out for

Capricorns are really hard working but this also comes with its downfalls. Capricorns will rarely ask others for help but this also means they do not always expect others to need help without at first trying as hard as they would. Whilst Capricorns are helpful and will do things for others they can sometimes be a little upset about having to help. Unless of course it allows them to show of their skills, Capricorns do love helping others if they are able to teach them and share their knowledge. 

As practical Earth signs Capricorns can often get confused at the way other people think. With time these individuals are able to understand but it can often boggle them when others are not as logical. Their practical way of thinking comes easily to them and when other people are more emotional in their problem solving this can be confusing for the Capricorn.

Even though Capricorn give great advice and listen to others they often find it hard to sit back and listen to others. As such independent people Capricorns do find it hard to take advice from others, they like to figure things out themselves. 

Capricorns love to strive for more and this means they can get very frustrated at times. When a Capricorn feels they are not progressing they can begin to feel down and not enjoy the activity they are working on. Capricorns love to work towards things and not having any goals can make them feel a little inadequate and lost. 

This start sign is known for being a little bit creepy. Capricorns are not afraid to do a little social media searching. They love detail and this includes learning about others, listening to everything and sometimes this excitement can come across as a little creepy.

With such a strong presence and charming personality Capricorns can easily make the energy of a room very warm and welcoming. This does however also make their strong presence a little bit harder to be around when the Capricorn is in a bad mood. Capricorns are not afraid to let you known how they feel, when they don't want to be in a situation or conversation they will make it known and this can make the energy of the room a little awkward. Capricorns are not likely to pretend or act amused and they  will not hold their opinion back when they are unhappy or do not agree. This is great as the world needs a bunch of different people but for some individuals this can be a little overwhelming and can come across as rude.

Capricorns love to give things a go, they love getting stuck in and enjoy doing. They enjoy being around others that can match their excited upbeat rhythm. Capricorns can get a little lost in their own head and drag themselves down at times. They often shut down within their own mind and need to open up a little bit and allow others to help. When Capricorns accept the help from others they are able to pick their mood back up.

With such height expectations of themselves and such an ambitious personality Capricorns are sometimes a bit to hard on themselves. Whilst this is a great quality to have Capricorns need to make sure they cut themselves some slack and allow help.

Capricorns in a relationship

These individuals are very very loving and really cheesy. Capricorns do not always show this side of them but they really are big kids at heart, they love having fun, they love loving and they adore romance.

Capricorns really are the boss in their relationship and hate being told what to do. They enjoy nurturing and looking after others, they will love to educate their partner and teach them all the things they have learnt. In a relationship Capricorns love to share hobbies and interests. They would really do well with someone who is just as passionate about their hobbies.

These individuals do have strong personalities and they will always stick up for those they care about. They are not afraid to hold back and really stick up for what they believe. 

As practical individuals this Earth sign will be very logical in a relationship. They will often approach love in the same logical way that they approach the rest of the world. When facing any downs or bumps in a relationship they need someone who is able to listen to their logical point of view and meet them in the middle. Someone unable to understand the Capricorns logical and practical approach may find it hard and become a little frustrating for the Capricorn.

As big kids Capricorns are very spontaneous and love experiencing the world. These individuals will love to get out and about with their partners and really try to experience as much as possible. 

Capricorns Careers

Capricorns really are hard workers, they work smart and they work hard. They get things done and they love to strive for more. Whether they are doing something big or small they try their hardest and they do the best they could possibly do. 

These individuals always strive for more, they strive to do things better, do things quicker and do always gains more. 

Strong Capricorns love to teach and share their knowledge with others. This makes them great at leading teams and sharing with others. They are good at managing and great at using their organisation skills to manage teams, manage tasks and get things done.

Top Career Ideas: Managerial roles, Teacher, Professional Organiser, Cleaner, Event Manager, Real Estate Agent, Director, Scientist, Computer Programmer,  

Famous Capricorns

Ryan Seacrest - John Legend -Denzel Washington - Bradley Cooper - Nicholas Cage - Kate Middleton - Kate Moss - Betty White - Ellen Degeneres - Elvis Presley - Stan Lee - Jim Carrey -  Orlando Bloom -  Michelle Obama 

It is always important to remember that we are not defined by our astrology. Use information about your Zodiac to look deep within yourself. Reflect on your characteristics and use all the 12 Zodiac to grow and become a well rounded individual. Use your Zodiac to teach others your strengths and work on your flaws. 

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Are you a Capricorn or do you know one? Let us know if this descriptions matches and let us know anything that doesn't. We want to hear all of your experiences and get the conversation about Star Signs flowing. 


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