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Blog Submission Guidelines

Reclaiming Zen is a place for like-minded people. This is a place where we can all come together in a peaceful community and share our experiences.

Reclaiming Zen has visitors from across the globe, all coming together on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Reclaiming Zen is forever growing and adapting, to help those actively searching for advice, and techniques, to learn, heal, and grow as individuals. 

To help bring as many different perspectives, experiences, and beautiful outlooks on the world as possible, we have decided to make a big leap. Not only will our Team be writing blogs, but we also welcome the whole of the Reclaiming Zen family to write as well.

We welcome everyone, this is not an elite space for only bloggers or those with spiritual businesses, this is a place for anyone willing to share their experiences, and journey honestly, and openly with others. 

Why Contribute?

The more posts available means more points of view, more answers, and more awareness.

  1. Your experience, tips, or techniques might be just what someone else is looking for.
  2. Your post will reach a large ever growing like minded audience.
  3. We often promote blog posts via our emails and social media.
  4. Every post will have your bio included and any of your social links.
  5. As a thank you for contributing, you can promote your favorite products from our store on your blog, and make 10% commission on all orders through your blog post.

What Makes A Powerful Blog Post?

We have analyzed some of Reclaiming Zen’s most popular blog posts and found these things in common:

  • They are answering a question or topic that many people have wondered about, but not many have written about.
  • They are personal, they are not vague and get right to the point. They use a lot of detail to convey their experience and relate to the reader. 
  • They are not afraid to express how they were feeling emotionally.
  • Rather than being simplified, they dig a little deeper by adding in relevant research, examples, and extra detail. 
  • They take the reader by the hand and guide them step by step through the experience or lessons. 
  • The posts keep the reader engaged by asking questions and giving thought-provoking content. 
  • The top posts are often very practical and actionable. They suggest things that will positively impact the reader’s life.

Writing Guidelines

  • Word count: Aim for 1600 – 2500 Words
  • Make sure you are sharing enough detail. What happened? Who was there? How did you feel at the time and after? What did you learn? How did you learn these lessons? Was there a twist or inspiring moment of realization?
  • Please use fake names if permission has not been given by those involved.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and easy to digest.
  • Include practical tips and actionable steps, to help the reader overcome similar situations, or inspire them through your storytelling
  • Choose a topic that is related to our blog categories (See descriptions down below for inspiration).
  • Choose a personal story or topic that has helped you grow and learn, something relatable to our audiences, such as zen living, spiritual growth, and personal development. 
  • Dig deep and think about all the experiences you have had. Sometimes the ones that we grow from easily we forget about. A mundane experience that has helped you to grow doesn’t always seem like a moment of spiritual growth – but it is! 
  • Do NOT include images unless you have taken them and they belong to you.
  • Please avoid referencing your own blogs, coaching, and careers in the main body of the text unless necessary. You may be a healer, but the post should be about your experience, your feelings, and your lessons.
  • Include a bio for us to attach. It is here that you can discuss your work and promote your own business etc. This is optional but you can include something interesting about yourself, such as your favorite past time, or quirky interest. This can help the audience to connect with you on a personal level. 
  • Please submit only original work. We will be obliged to take down and remove any copywritten material. If you are including any research or outside material to support your blog, simply send over the links with your submission, and clearly reference your sources within your post.

How To Submit

  • Please create your post in plain text, not HTML, with the blog title at the top of the submission
  • Send all submissions to
  • Put the subject as “Blog Submission”
  • Only send one submission per email 
  • Include any information for your bio at the end of the email (social media links, website etc)
  • Only submit posts that you have written, all submissions will be checked for plagiarism

A Few More Things

  • Whilst we would love to publish every blog post, we simply can’t. If your post feels like a good fit for the blog at this time, then we will respond as quickly as possible.
  • If you do not hear back from us feel free to send in a different post.
  • Before publishing, we will read through your blog post. We may send you back some notes for possible changes before publishing. This is simply to make sure your post is conveying your powerful message as clearly as possible, with as much detail as needed. 
  • Your post may be edited to adjust any minor spelling or grammar mistakes and to help the piece flow. Any major changes will be discussed with you first.
  • We may attach suitable pictures to your blog post.
  • The option for readers to share your post via social media and comment will be available. 
  • If you are happy with everything presented to you on this page, we are pleased to have you on board. 
  • Thank you from all of us at Reclaiming Zen, opening up and sharing with others takes courage, your experiences allow us all to learn, grow, and support one another.

Blog Categories For Inspiration

Let’s look outwards! This blog is all about astrology, birth charts, the planets, the moon, retrograde, western zodiac signs, Vedic astrology, and much more!

This blog represents the Crown Chakra, our personal barcode. We all have the ability to connect with our higher selves, feel our energies, and follow our intuition. The Crown Chakra moves away from the physical and out into the entire universe. In this blog we cover topics such as spiritual awakening, connecting with your intuition, reflecting and growing, astral travel and astral planes, spirit guides, angels, attachments and universal energies.

Crystals are natural sources of energy that we can all tap into. They emit different frequencies, and this energy is unlimited! Harness the power of crystals today and find out why they are the perfect spiritual tool. Crystals can help you to move through life with balance, work on your spiritual practice, and be your most true authentic self. In this blog, we look at many different crystals, their uses, properties, and powers.

This blog links with the Sacral Chakra and our emotional balance.  Emotions are complex, and we can all spend a lifetime diving deeper and deeper into understanding them. By understanding our emotions, we are able to take a more objective position and think about our reactions. Within this blog, we will cover topics such as emotional triggers, understanding emotions, our relationships with others, selflessly helping others, reconnecting with our inner child, and healing emotionally.

This blog links with the Solar Plexus Chakra and our inner power. Our mind is so powerful yet so many of us spend little time harnessing our own inner strength. This blog aims to help you focus on ideas and techniques that can harness your inner power. We will cover topics such as mindfulness, healthy habits, consciousness, neural plasticity, thinking patterns, NLP, affirmation, and mental health.

This blog represents the Throat Chakra and our ability to express who we are and our most true authentic self. Throughout time there has been many great thinkers who have shared their wisdom with the world and spread great teachings. The more we learn the more knowledge we can draw upon to make our own decisions, opinions and views. This blog is here to allow you to think and question some wonderful ideas. We will be covering ancient teachings, religions, time, celestial topics and conspiracy theories.

This blog represents the Root Chakra and our primordial energies. Our physical health is the foundation of well-being. In order to focus on other aspects of your being, it is great to already have a good relationship with your physical body.  This blog covers topics such as health, diet, nutrition, exercise, yoga, healing, acupuncture, grounding, and being physically healthy. 

This blog represents the Heart Chakra and our ability to connect with true compassion. Opening up our hearts and living a life full of gratitude brings about balance. It shifts our focus to that of compassion and love. This blog will cover topics to help you connect with loving healing energies such as, compassion, forgiveness, chakras, empathy, Merkaba, meditation, past lives, and the use of spiritual tools. We can all shift to live within energies of unconditional love.

This blog represents the Third Eye and how we can all unlock our true potential and help shift towards higher joint consciousness. The third eye links to our more mystical side, the ability to tune into our intuition, live aligned with our higher selves and fully move away from the ego and towards the collective. This blog covers topics such as elements, geometry, sacred geometry, physics, consciousness, astronomy, math, and quantum physics.

Yoga is great for a number of reasons, not only is it a fantastic exercise, but it is also a great spiritual practice. There are many different types of yoga and there really is something for everyone. In this blog, we look at the benefits of popular yoga poses, types of yoga, the benefits of yoga, and yoga as both exercise and spiritual practice.