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Astrology is such a huge topic so we have separated it from the Third Eye blog.

Here we will talk about Astrology, birth charts, the moon, planets, retrograde, the zodiac signs, Vedic astrology, and much more. 

It can be easy to only focus on your zodiac sign and information but we believe they all work together. We can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Beyond Enlightenment

This blog represents the Crown Chakra, our unique barcode.

We all have the ability to connect with our higher selves, feel our energies, and follow our intuition. The Crown Chakra moves away from the physical and out to the entire universe.

In this blog we cover topics such as spiritual awakening, connecting with your intuition, reflecting and growing, astral travel and astral planes, spirit guides, angels, attachments, and universal energies.

Crystal Corner

This blog is all about tapping into this natural source of energy. Crystals emit different frequencies and this energy is unlimited!

Harness the power of crystals today to help you move through life with ease, work on your spiritual practice, and be your most true authentic self. 

In this blog, we look at different crystals, their uses, properties, and powers. There are practical ideas and ways that you can use crystals and incorporate them as a meaningful tool within your life.

Emotional Health

This blog links with the Sacral Chakra and our emotional balance. 

Emotions are complex and we could spend a lifetime diving deeper and deeper into understanding emotions. By understanding our emotions we can take a more objective position and think about our reactions.

Within this blog, we will cover topics such as emotional triggers, understanding emotions, our relationships with others, selflessly helping others, reconnecting with our inner child, and any repressed emotions.

Mental Health

This blog links with the Solar Plexus Chakra and our inner power.

Our mind is so powerful, yet so many of us spend little time speaking kindly to ourselves and looking after our mind. 

This blog aims to help you focus on ideas and techniques that can harness your inner power.

This blog will look at our ability to be in control of our minds. We will cover topics such as mindfulness, healthy habits, consciousness, neural plasticity, positive thought patterns, and mental health.

Philosophy and Teachings

This blog represents the Throat Chakra and our ability to express who we are and our most true authentic self.

Throughout time there have been many great thinkers who have shared their wisdom with the world and spread great teachings.

The more we learn the more knowledge we can draw upon to make our own decisions, opinions, and views.

This blog is here to allow you to think and question some wonderful ideas. We will be covering ancient teachings, religions, time, celestial topics, and conspiracy theories.

Physical Health

This blog represents the Root Chakra and our primordial energies. 

Our physical health is the foundation of well-being. When focusing on other aspects of our being it is great to already have a good relationship with your physical body and root energies. 

Within this blog, we cover topics such as health, diet, nutrition, exercise, yoga, healing, acupuncture, and being physically healthy. 

Spiritual Health

This blog represents the Heart Chakra and our ability to connect with true compassion.

Opening up our hearts and living a life full of gratitude brings about balance and shifts our focus to that of compassion and love. This blog is here to help you connect in with your higher self, move into loving energy and allow yourself to grow.

Within this blog we will cover topics such as compassion, forgiveness, Chakras, empathy, merkaba, meditation and the use of spiritual tools. 

Third Eye Cosmos

This blog represents the Third Eye and how we can unlock our true potential, live in selflessly, and help shift towards joint consciousness.

The third eye links to our more mystical side, the ability to tune into our intuition, connect with our higher selves, move away from the ego and towards the collective. 

This blog covers topics such as elements, relativity, sacred geometry, Physics, Astronomy, Maths, and Quantum Physics.