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Amazing Aquarius


Where do we start. Individuals with Aquarius as their Sun Sign are fun, eccentric and down right WEIRD. They can light up a room and lift the spirits of anyone around them with their smile. Aquarius individuals are very caring and always willing to help others. These individuals are one of the independent zodiacs, they enjoy working alone and have the drive and motivation to turn big big dreams into a reality.


They will shake the world and everyone around them!


How to spot an Aquarius

  • They are quirky, eccentric and out of this world.
  • Aquarius individuals do not express their emotions often.
  • They are great listeners and even better communicators. 
  • They can not lie to save their life and they just don’t want to.
  • Aquarius love music, art, photography and all things creative.
  • They can be brutally sarcastic at times.
  • Can be unpredictable and spontaneous.
  • They have strong opinions. 
  • They are not afraid to be different and stand out.

Top Qualities

Aquarius individuals are very independent, they get things done efficiently and fast all the time they are left alone to get on with it.

They are known for being humanitarian, they love everyone and everything. They worry about the well-being of the entire human race and care for the planet and all living things in it.

These individuals are very very creative, they are designers and innovators. They will give their own creative twist to everything and will always stand out. These people do things their own way and give fantastic new perspectives. They have brilliant minds and are great at giving new ideas,

Aquarius individuals have a strong aura, they are very loving individuals and they will care for anyone they see who needs help. They are powerful healers and they are fantastic at listening and talking to others in a way that heals them. If you have ever been around an Aquarius may have recognized how quickly they can make you feel comfortable and happy.

Weird and quirky – what will people think – they don’t care! Aquarius individuals do have a shy side deep down but on the outside they are so eccentric and out there that they just oooze confidence.

They make great leaders. Aquarius individuals have strong opinions and they are not afraid to stand up and speak out for what they believe. They will not have their opinion swayed easily and they do not like to be told what to do. Aquarius individuals can embrace change but when they have their mind made up they will not listen to anyone. They are fiercely independent and this means that they often know what they think and if they don’t they would rather spend time figuring it out by themselves and then talking to others about it.

Aquarius people are fast learners and they certainly do not make the same mistake twice, however they are always looking for the best in people and often give people a second chance.

They make fantastic friends, relatives and lovers. It may take an Aquarius a long long time to trust and open up to you but when they do it truly is magical. Aquarius people often get on with everyone they meet but do not necessarily feel a deep connection with everyone. They are very careful about who they become close to and outside of big social settings and Aquarius will often stay away from those with big Egos and lot’s of drama. So if they have picked to spend time with you feel lucky and cherish it as Aquarius make loyal friends who are great at listening and give fantastic advice. 

Things to watch out for

They are fantastic at disappearing. When emotions run high and Aquarius will often take cover and hide out by themselves. The retreat from the world and like to just disappear. An Aquarius prefers to deal with their feeling on their own which can often make it hard to figure them out. They will often isolate themselves, ignoring messages, calls and social media which can lead to missing out of previously made plans.

When an Aquarius is upset they will often distance themselves from the people they are close to as well. This can leave them feeling withdrawn and detached. As much as they try to disappear when an Aquarius is hurt they will often long for someone to try and reach out to them even when they are acting this way. Aquarius people you know what I mean, the push people away but often want these people to comfort them. This can be confusing for others and often when other people do reach out to them their independence will get in the way and the Aquarius will act as if they never wanted you to interrupt their time alone.

They are hypocrites – i’m sorry they if you don’t want to here this Aquarius but you are sometimes and it isn’t your fault. Aquarius individuals have opinions, they have a lot of them and they are strong. The world needs strong opinions because that is how the world can be changed. However, the Aquarius often cannot keep up with them all and this means that once in a while they might have an opinion about something but still do the opposite thing and believe me this can often be more annoying and upsetting for the Aquarius themselves than anyone around them, they can often create many inner conflicts when their actions do not live up to their strong opinions and belief systems.

They do get angry. It takes a long time for an Aquarius to explode but they do. Often an Aquarius will just be a little annoyed and irritated. When they are annoyed and irritated they will dwell on it for a while, but they are more likely to think about it within their own head in their own time. When an Aquarius does reach the edge they get damn angry. An Aquarius can have a nasty tongue, it takes a lot but it is there. They make great listeners and they are quick and witty. Their quick blunt responses mixed with their ability to listen means that an Aquarius really can slay and they will tell you brutal truths and dig deep to find something that will hurt for a while. Often an Aquarius will feels guilty almost immediately as they are so loving and caring that they would not ever want to hurt anyone else.

They are misunderstood for a lot of reasons. Aquarius individuals have been called manipulative but it is not really a manipulation rather they wear a real mask. The out going, eccentric, opinionated self is still them and it is very much real but it is just one part of them, they often keep the emotional side hidden away for when they are alone. So they are not trying to manipulate people,  they are actually quiet shy in one sense and it just takes a lot for them to feel comfortable in fully opening themselves up to others.

They can not lie at all. They just can’t do it, not even a tiny white lie. It eats them up – so never ask them to lie and never tell them a lie. Aquarius individuals can come across as blunt and unemotional at times but they are just being real. They have strong opinions and they are not liars, so this means they can sometimes be brutal and don’t even blink and eyelid. They tell the truth and this may come across as judgmental but often it is because the recipient is not ready for the brutal truth themselves and not at all because the Aquarius is judging because to be honest they would never judge anyone.

Aquarius in a relationship

Aquarius is often not in it for the long run at the beginning but when they decide that you are going to be a part of their life they give 1000%. Those Aquarius out there need a lot to trust, they need to fully see the other individual sweep them off their feet until they are convinced of the other individuals feelings.

Aquarius is often in search for a lot of emotional excitement and this can be found in many different ways, as Aquarius people are very creative they do enjoy romance and thoughtful gestures – a great idea would be to really take an interest in their hobbies and get stuck in with them. When upset an Aquarius will retreat and try to disappear. In a relationship this can be confusing for the other party and it may become unclear what the Aquarius thinks. Aquarius people I know you don’t like being told what to do but think about how often and how clearly you are voicing your feelings, if you are retreating and creating puzzles with your feelings the other individual may get confused and things could turn messy. When in a relationship of any kind with an Aquarius please remember that they may push people away without meaning to due to being independent and retreating in on themselves.

Aquarius people are experimental and very curious, they need change and excitement. Often an Aquarius will like to go out and do fun things, they have hobbies and even when they are relaxing at home more often than not they will be doing something creative, listening to music, creating art or trying out new hair, makeup and clothing styles. This can be fun and along with their eccentric personalities and weirdness those in a relationship with an Aquarius need to be ready for spontaneity and unpredictable fun and lots of creativity.


Aquarius Careers

As you know by now Aquarius people are creative. They have the imagination and speed needed to make great at doing work many others may not manage. Creative ideas and a huge amount of energy means that many jobs can seem like a fun video game but if they are stuck on a job that gives them no satisfaction an Aquarius may feel like they are being tortured. Well they probably won’t even put their time into a job they don’t enjoy as they highly value their time.  They need constant change and motivation in order to shine. Aquarius may often choose to do work independently rather than be part of a team.

Great jobs for an Aquarius would be : Artists, Photographers, Film Producers, Authors. Journalists and Critics


Famous Aquarius

John Travolta – Oprah Winfrey – James Dean – Jack Nicklaus – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Ronald Reagan – Abraham Lincoln – Harry styles – Ed Sheeran –Michael Jordan

It is always important to remember that we are not defined by our astrology. Use information about your Zodiac to look deep within yourself. Reflect on your characteristics and use all the 12 Zodiac to grow and become a well rounded individual. Use your Zodiac to teach others your strengths and work on your flaws.


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