A Troubled Life


This message contain a number of questions about having trouble in many areas of life. To help answer as much as possible we have gone through one bit at a time.

1. How to bring good energy into your life and feel better.

2. Feeling as though God has forgotten you.

3. Getting life into the right direction.

4. Bad relationships.

5. Protecting and cleansing your chakra centres and energies.

6. Letting go and moving on.


We are very sorry to hear about all the troubles you have been going through and the hard times. Thank you so much for reaching out and asking for help. It can be very hard at times, we are here for you and we welcome you to email anytime.

1. How to bring good energy into your life and feel better

The first bit of advice is a tough one but it is to approach everything in life from a place of love even in the toughest of times. We must give out the type of energies we want to receive. This means that even when life is really bad you need to giving loving light energy out to the universe.

Once we are in a dark place it is like being at the bottom of a muddy lake. Once we have gone down into the darkness we look back out into the world, but we are always looking through mud and darkness. This clouds our perception of the world and masks everything in negativity. Although it is hard we first need to change our perception and view the world from a place of light and positivity. The world has not changed because of your experiences but what you have experienced has changed the way you view the world.

2. Feeling as though God has forgotten you.

One thing you mentioned has God forgotten you. No matter what your beliefs are you are important, you are unique and you are you which is something that no one else. From your experiences in life, you have been through and learned things that no one else will as we all experience life from our own unique point and that is what makes us special. God has not forgotten you, some of us go through tougher lives and we experience these hardships and that’s what makes us all unique, you can then learn and grow from these experiences, use them to help others and approach life from a place of love.

3. Getting life into the right direction.

Being your most authentic self is important in life and when you are questioning why things are not going well it is time to look for other paths, look out for an opportunity and think about what things in life you have done that made you happy. Think about the last time you did something that made you happy and introduce that back into your life.

3. Getting life into the right direction.

Being your most authentic self is important in life and when you are questioning why things are not going well it is time to look for other paths, lookout for an opportunity and think about what things in life you have done that made you happy. Think about the last time you did something that made you happy and introduces that back into your life.

4. Bad Relationships

Bad relationships are again something that we all experience and it is an experience. You can not control other people or what they will do and we only react to others. Unfortunately, it sounds as though you have been through bad relationships but you should not put blame on yourself as this will only bring about more negativity. Learn from these experiences, grow as a person and then let go. We go through many experiences in life and relationships are also just that. Connect with any friends and family that you have, branch out and remember to enjoy growing as an individual person and become your most authentic self.

5. Protecting and cleansing your chakra centers and energies.


Spiritually we believe that it is vital to keep your energies protected, especially during times when you feel low. This can be done by cleansing your space with incense (we recommend burning Palo Santo Wood).

Prayer and Intention

Ask! The best thing to do is to ask for help, healing, cleansing, and light. Ask the archangels, ask God, ask pure white light or universal power. Whatever your beliefs simply ask for healing, but always make sure you are asking for purest and highest frequency energies. When using intention and prayer it is important to keep a strong head and know and fully believe what you are intending. if you ask for healing and you are getting healing, know to full in your heart with all your being that you are.


We recommend wearing or carrying a crystal to help cleanse your energies, we recommend Black Tourmaline, Smoky or Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian (for protection), Rose Quartz (to accept loving energies). Here is a link to our blog about protective crystals.

It is important that you program your crystal, this can be done by holding your crystal connecting with its energies and asking it to do whatever it is you need from it, this can be cleansing and protecting your energy, helping you make wise decisions, or simply just uplifting you. You must ask and receive with full intent and conviction, knowing that your crystal is strong and powerful. 

It is important to also look after your crystal and cleanse it, this is easily done by holding it in the smoke of burning incense or running it under water (note that not all crystals should be run underwater).


Music is a great way to raise your vibrational energies. There are loads of fantastic chakra cleansing music online and on YouTube. Look up chakra cleansing, high frequencies, healing music, Buddhist chants and mantras, gongs and singing bowls. 

Spiritual Events

Another great thing to do is to attend spiritual events around you. Go to church or a place of worship as these buildings are often built on sacred ground. The energies around the area can help to cleanse your chakras and bring you peace. If you feel you need healing and have that option then try to get some healing from a professional Reiki healer, or chakra cleansing. There are also many great remote chakra and aura cleansing services that can be found online. 

6. Letting go and moving on

t is really hard but we must learn to live mindfully in the moment. Let go of past events and carry on moving forward. It is tough and can often seem impossible but we need to learn to let go of things that no longer serve us and experiences that are in the past. Use your past experiences to reflect inwards, learning and growing from your experiences.

Another way to refresh and energize yourself is through rituals. There is one that works very well for releasing and cleansing. Firstly, set your crystal next to you. Begin to write down everything you are struggling with and everything that you feel should be written on the list. Then sit back and take a few deep breaths say “I lovingly allow myself to release all blocked energies. I allow my self to detach from previous struggle. I have learned from these experiences and they no longer serve me. I release this energy with love and I fill my mind body and soul with love and light. Then take the piece of paper, either carefully and responsibly burn it, submerge it in water or bury it into the ground to release and let go. Take a few moments to visualize bright white light filling your heart and expanding out and around your body into an egg shape bubble protecting you. Finally, say a thank you prayer and close the ritual.  

We hope that this has helped, feel free to contact us via email or any of our social media.

Sending you to love and surrounding you with light,

From The Guru at Reclaiming Zen


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