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7 Ways To Supercharge Your Immune System Function

So many of us live busy crazy lives. Even with some alone time and self-care routines in place, stress can get to all of us. Stress is known to compromise our immune system and make us feel run-down and exhausted. It isn’t until we are run down that many individuals decide to pamper their immune system. So often people juggle between workloads, family time, exercise, socialising, and a number of other responsibilities. It can seem impossible to fit in time or even remember to look after our immune systems and often we do not become aware of our immune system until we are feeling run down.

Boosting your immune system doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be rather easy! So here is our top 7 immune system boosters to supercharge your system.

1. Stock up on vitamin C and D

Vitamin C is a physiological antioxidant that can help to support the function of immune cells. It is said to decrease the length of time and severity of symptoms associated with colds. You can easily increase your
source of vitamin C through eaten certain foods. Great food sources of vitamin C are peppers, citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, capsicum, pineapple, berries and vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts.

Adequate level of vitamin D are essential for our immune systems to function properly. Vitamin D intake often comes from sunlight. So get outside in the sun whenever you can. It is also possible to optimize levels
by taking vitamin D3 supplements. It is important to always talk to a doctor first and figure out how much vitamin D you need to be taking. Making sure your vitamins are at optimal levels is sure to keep you
feeling in tip top shape!

2. Get enough sleep 



We know everyone has heard this a million times. But that’s because it is an important immune system boost! Being deprived from sleep can make you feel under the weather for longer, make bad food choices and sometimes just grouchy in general. Our body repairs itself while you are sleeping and if you are not getting enough, this could lead to inflammation and a dysfunctional immune system. The recommended hours of sleep is between 7 and 9 but we suggest getting an idea of how many hours sleep your body naturally needs for you to feel refreshed in the morning. Try to get this amount of sleep every single night. We suggest creating a special wind down routine to help ease into this and really make you feel relaxed before you drift off.

3. Support your gut health  

You may have heard the idea that 70 percent of your immune system resides in your gut. Well there is a lot of truth in this. You gut health is very important and looking after it can really boost your immune system.

 This can simply be done by eating the right diet and foods that are good for healthy gut bacteria and increasing your probiotics. Some foods that’s are particularly good for your gut health and immune system are garlic, turmeric and fermented food. Garlic is natures antibiotic with many immune-enhancing compounds contained within.

Try adding some fresh garlic to your meals- the garlic breath is really worth it! Turmeric is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known as a anti-inflammatory superhero. Try mixing turmeric with black pepper and adding it to a few of your meals. You
may not like the idea of this but fermented foods can boost your immune system in a major way. Fermented foods contain healthy, friendly bacteria (probiotics) that help to balance your gut. Try adding some to your diet such as sauerkraut and kimchi.

4. Probiotic Supplements



It is suggested that taking a daily probiotic can tend to your microbiome and encourage a balanced gut. Having a healthy intestinal tract is an important part of an optimally functioning immune system. Probiotics fill your gut with good bacteria and help to kill off invading pathogens and harmful bacteria.

 Probiotics can be found in powder and capsule form so there is multiple options out there for you. Using probiotics is a really quick and easy immune system boost that you can incorporate into your

5. Up your intake of greens

 It may seem like we are asking you to eat a lot but having a great diet is essential to looking after your immune system. You need to be getting in a good amount of greens all year round. A great way to increase your greens is through making smoothies with a heaped serving of spinach, adding a bowl of greens to each of your meals and in the cold months how about making a soup packed full of greens.
Get creative and look up new and exciting recipes, no one said greens had to be boring.

6. Keep hydrated

Everyone knows our body needs water to survive but so many of us go thirsty and forget to drink enough water. I assure you that increasing the amount of water you drink will have positive effects on how you feel. Why not get yourself a bottle you love with a design that makes you happy.


Keep refilling and challenge yourself to drink a certain amount every day. Try to swap soda and juices for water, and instead of plain water try adding a bit of grapefruit, basil or honeydew.

7. Exercise


We know, we know. Some people love exercise and some people may read this with dread. Well whether you like it or not exercise keeps circulation healthy which provides blood and nutrient supply to all areas of the body. Exercise has even been found to reduce stress hormones, which are known to create havoc for your immune system.

 An intense workout at the gym may be fine for those who love exercise and such people should keep up the good work. For those who maybe don’t like working out or don’t enjoy the gym you can still do exercise in many other ways. Simply take the stairs, go for a walk, or find a sport that you enjoy. Any type of exercise will be good for your immune system and it is important that it brings you happiness. How about parking your car a little further away than usual, this way
you have to get some walking in.

This is by no means all of the possible immune system boosters, there are hundreds of tips and tricks out there. Keep learning and keep exploring. Being happy and content with yourself and the journey you are on will always be our most important tip for a blissful Zen life.

Let me know how you get on and what experiences you have all had.



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