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6 Crystals For Success

With summer in full swing, I began to realize that I was enjoying the sun and focusing a little less on my intentions and goals. I decided that it is time to harness the power of my top 6 crystals for success. 

I’m sure that I am not the only one who sees the sun and decides it is time to slow down, relax, and take things a little bit easier. 

With the energies of Mercury retrograde around us, I am surprised that I haven’t come to a complete stop. To give myself a little bit of a push in the right direction, I decided to turn to my crystals. 

Crystals all have energies. We can use these crystals to draw in energies, connect with our higher self, and remind us of our intentions. 

To me, success happens in our lives when we can overcome internal and external obstacles, experience the world in a balanced way with clarity,  focus on our intentions, strive towards self-expansion, and reflect upon what we are learning. 

Success isn’t all about our physical items and the amount of money we make. Instead, we should look at our emotional achievements, moments that make us grow, things that inspire us, and experiences that shape who we are.

Take a look at my top 6 crystals for success below and the reasons why I believe that they can help you to rule your reality.

1. Smoky Quartz

Transform Energies For Success.

Crystals For Success Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a stunning stone that is known to help transform energies. It’s beautiful colors connect with the Root Chakra and Mother Earth. This crystal can help you to feel stable, grounded, and balanced – all of which can help us on our road to success. 

Smoky Quartz removes negativity by transforming any confusing energies and helping with cooperation. With your energies grounded and confusion dispelled, you are in the best possible position to quieten your mind of chatter and focus on your success. 

2. Clear Quartz

Uses Clarity To Help Bring Success.

Crystals For Success Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an amazing all-round stone. We should never underestimate the power of Clear Quartz as it can be used for so many things! As a clear stone, it is particularly powerful at clearing the mind and help us to see things with clarity.

When you have clarity, you can make decisions about your success that are less likely to be swayed by your ego, your emotions, your own biases, or desires. Instead, you can see what is best for you at this moment in time, and the decisions that resonate with what is going on in your life.

Clear Quartz is an amazing stone for clearing away mental chatter. This can help with concentration, studying, and getting work done. 

To read more about Clear Quartz click here

3. Tiger's Eye

Succeed With Concentration.

Crystals For Success Tigers Eye

Concentration can help us to focus our intentions and energies. Try practicing concentration by putting your all into one activity at a time. Tiger’s Eye is great for grounding your energies, boosting your motivation, and staying focused for longer periods. 

Use Tiger’s Eye to help you concentrate on any tasks and projects that you have. This stone is also fantastic for boosting confidence, use this stone if you have any interviews, important meetings, or presentations coming up.

To read more about Tiger’s Eye click here.

4. Pyrite

Know That You Are Worthy Of Success.

I often recommend black stones for reflection such as Obsidian, but in this case, I am going with Pyrite. This beautiful stone is shiny, reflective, and screams success.

The mirror-like quality of Pyrite forces us to look within. Use this stone as a reminder of your worth. A big part of success is knowing that you are worthy of it. We often hold ourselves back and get in the way of our success. Use this stone to help you break through these barriers and shoot for the stars.  

5. Green Aventurine

Take Opportunities And Success Will Follow.

Success begins when we put aside all of our predetermined ideas of what success is. Success isn’t all about what we have or how much we make, but rather how we are experiencing the world, what we are learning from it, and what we are sharing with others. 

Green Aventurine is known as the Gamblers Stone! Money is simply a source of energy and this stone helps individuals to relax and take a more playful view on opportunities in life. This stone is all about using intellect, creativity, and opportunities to bring about prosperity. Use this stone to help you take opportunities, boost optimism, and approach things from a different perspective. Use this stone to help create change and shifts within your life.

To read more about Green Aventurine click here.

6. Citrine

Reach Success With Intellect, Creativity, and Optimism.

Crystals For Success Citrine

Citrine is another great all-rounder. This stone is fantastic for boosting positivity, creativity, and optimism. To have success in one’s life we need to have the right outlook on things. 

Use Citrine to help boost your energies, raise your vibration, and stay balanced. It is fine to feel low or down and healthy to accept all of your emotions, but it is how we come back from this that can impact success. Life will always have lessons to learn, moments of sadness, and obstacles to overcome. Citrine is a great stone for helping you come back from these things with an open heart, full of creativity, joy, and inspiration. 

Use Citrine to help you learn from your experiences, stay optimistic, and move forward to success. 

These are my top 6 crystals for success. Depending on the tasks or activity, I often wear these crystals, place them on my desk or carry them in my pocket.

Let me know any crystals you use to help you succeed in the comments below.

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